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How to Record 4K Video on iPhone 6S, 6S Plus

Your iPhone 6s has an incredibly powerful camera. It can record up to 4K resolution video at 30 frames per second and even trump current DSLR cameras, due to having more pixels available: 3840 x 2160 pixels add up to a lot of image detail and color information, four times the size of full HD to be precise. Here’s a guide on how to record 4K video on the iPhone 6s by maxing out your settings.

Settings > Photos & Camera > Record Video

Go to your “Settings” app, tap “Photos & Camera” and scroll down to the option titled “Record Video”. Tap it to change the video resolution for your iPhone 6s. Pick the bottommost option for the best quality and 4K resolution, but also the largest file size. One minute of video will take up approximately 375 MB or 0.375 GB, according to Apple.

Warning: As you can imagine, recording high fidelity moving images comes at a price of storage space. We do not recommend shooting in 4K if you own a 16 GB device, at least you should go about it strategically and switch up the resolution from time to time. Another caveat: Recording in higher resolutions is said to increase battery drain during camera usage.

What kind of setting should I use?

Pick the right setting by taking into account how fluid your video should be, as 60 fps are ideal for sports and fast-moving action.

Less frames per second give your video a more cinematic look and are ideal for scenes with little movement or slow panning. They also take up dramatically less space.

Most of the time, you should be fine with 1080p at 30 fps and get great results. But if you need that extra detail boost, go for 4K and make sure to clear enough storage space beforehand if needed.