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How to Sign an Email Attachment on iPhone

The “Mail” app in iOS 9 is incredibly powerful. You can use it to add your own markup to attachments, which allows you to sign, annotate and extend images or documents with your own handwriting and drawing. This is a tutorial on how to sign an email attachment on iPhone and reply directly to the sender via mail.

As explained above, the markup feature is not limited to mere signatures, you can use it to add text, drawn arrows, freeform shapes and highlight specific areas of a document or image. Your changes are then preserved for the other person to see. All you need for this guide to work is an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and iOS 9 or later.

How to sign an email attachment

Mail > Message [select] > Attachment [hold] > Markup and Reply > Signature icon

Open up your “Mail” app and tap the message in question. Now tap and hold the attachment you were sent by your contact. The sharing menu should slide open, leaving you the option to “Markup and Reply” to the message. You might have to scroll the icon bar to reach this option, simply swipe it horizontally to see all the options.

While in markup mode, tap the signature tool at the bottom left corner. Then pick a color and draw directly on the attachment.

Tap “Done” when ready. The attachment will be updated and a new reply will be waiting for you, check the recipients address and hit “Send” if you are happy with the results.

How to add markup to your own attachment and/or sign it

Mail > New Message > [tap and hold] > Add Attachment >[tap and hold] > Markup

You can also add markup in the form of signatures, freeform shapes or text to your own attachments. Create a new message from within the “Mail” app. Insert an image or an attachment via the context menu (tap and hold a blank spot in your new message) and then tap and hold the attachment or image itself.

Select “Markup” from the next context menu. Then repeat the steps above to add visual information or your signature to the image. Simply draw or sign using your finger, picking the appropriate color from the toolbar. Tap “Done” when ready, then finish up your email and hit “Send” to get your freshly enhanced message on its way.