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How to Quickly Close a Full Screen Photo or Image

A new gesture has found its way into iOS 9 and it allows us to quickly close a full screen view of a photo or any other image. On our desktop computers, we tend to look for the little cross or x symbol to close a window, but our iPhones tend to require some kind of motion. This is a tutorial on how to close full screen previews of images and photos within common apps on your iPhone. While older versions of iOS required multiple steps, iOS 9 is happy to close one of these views with a single gesture.

How to quickly close a full screen view

First of all: What do we mean by full screen views?

You can tap and hold an image in your “Mail” app and select “Quick Look” from the context menu, which will open up a large-scale depiction of the content that is zoomable and fades out the rest of the interface. You can also tap any of the thumbnail images in your “Messages” app or WhatsApp to get a closer look.

Once we’re in this full screen view mode, the quickest way to close it is to actually swipe down on the image, which will scale it down and move it along with your finger. As soon as you get to the bottom portion of your screen (or use a bit of a flicking motion), you’ll return to the prior view of the thumbnail.

The old way of closing a full screen view

Prior to iOS 9, this was only possible by tapping the image in question once, then hitting “Done” in the top left corner. This still works, by the way. And it is the main option for any of you who are still on iOS 7 or iOS 8.