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How to Use The iPhone Screen Rotation Lock

Here’s a tutorial on how to turn on or turn off the iPhone screen rotation lock on iOS 9 and older versions of Apple’s mobile operating system. Locking your screen orientation or rotation provides you with extra comfort, especially when reading an iBook while laying on your side or watching a video in a relaxed position. The iPhone screen rotation lock keeps your content from flipping and turning, as per default the phone will try to adapt to its currently held angle. The iPhone uses the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to provide support for this feature.

Of course, you could just go in and open up your “Settings” app to achieve the same result, but this will get rather tedious at some point. While the iPad can use its side button toggle for this purpose, the iPhone requires the switch for toggling Silent Mode.

iPhone Screen Rotation Lock in iOS 9

Control Center > Rotation Lock

To quickly and easily access your Rotation Lock, swipe up to bring up the Control Center. You may have to swipe up from the bottom of your screen twice, once to have iOS display the little grabber and the second time to open the Control Center interface, depending upon which app you are currently in.

Next up, tap the Rotation Lock symbol that looks like a circular arrow engulfing a padlock. Once it is enabled, it should be displayed with a white background and a black icon. If disabled, the background will dim down and not look as bright.

As long as the Screen Rotation Lock is enabled, your iPhone will not react to being tilted, at least not in the typical fashion. The screen orientation will stay put, while games and apps that rely on the sensors will still be able to read their input and translate that to motion within the app.

Enjoy having a pleasant read while lying on your side!