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WhatsApp 3D Touch Feature Update

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus introduced the so-called 3D Touch feature and its included gestures to the iOS world. Basically, 3D Touch is made up of a pressure-sensitive touchscreen add-on and new ways to interact with your iPhone. Naturally, the team behind WhatsApp decided to join the party and add support for “Peek & Pop” as well as “Quick Actions” on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. If you are lucky enough to own one of these devices, check out our guide on the new WhatsApp 3D touch feature update below.

Peek and Pop

Videos, photos and links received via instant messages in WhatsApp can now be previewed by tapping them lightly. This will allow you to Peek into the contents without actually opening them in a full view.

Swiping up from here will open up an additional context menu, which can be used to “star” the attachment, copy and share it. Pressing a little harder will cause the preview to “Pop” and take you to the regular fullscreen view mode.

Quick Actions in WhatsApp

Pressing the WhatsApp icon on your Home Screen will open the so-called Quick Actions and give you handy options for quickly accessing certain features within the app. For now, you can open up your “Last Chat”, start a “New Chat” and “Search” within your message history. But we’re pretty sure that the WhatsApp development team won’t leave it at that. Your app might even have new features by the time you read this article, so be sure to play with the menu and check it out periodically.