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Siri: Calculations and Conversions

Siri keeps getting smarter and smarter, did you know that she can provide you with results to all sorts of calculations and currency and unit conversions? Just like the Spotlight search in iOS 9, she has grown by a number of new features that make your day a lot simpler. Instead of having to search for an answer on the web or use dedicated apps and software, you can ask your personal assistant. This is a guide on how to perform calculations and unit conversions with Siri, including common currency conversions.

How to make Siri add, subtract, multiply or divide

Prerequisites: You will require iOS 9 and a compatible device for the latest mobile operating system. Older versions of iOS do not work with this trick and Siri will have to look the answers up on the web for you. We recommend updating as soon as possible, because these features are too great to miss!

Siri calculations

Need a calculator on your iPhone or iPad? Try Siri! She can provide you with all sorts of computational operations while your hands stay free to do something else, especially when using the “Hey Siri” command while your iPhone is plugged in. Or, as in the case of the iPhone 6s, even when unplugged.

Simply press and hold the Home Button and enter your command in any way you like, such as “Subtract 288 from 1518” or the other way around “1518 minus 288”. You can have Siri add, subtract, divide, multiply or provide you with the square root of a number. She even knows the number “Pi” because Siri is tapped into the WolframAlpha computational engine.

How to convert units and currencies using Siri

Siri can convert all sorts of units, such as Fahrenheit and Celsius for temperature, metric and imperial units for measurements of dimensions and volume, time units and all sorts of other stuff.

Activate Siri using the “Hey Siri” command or your Home Button and let her do the heavy lifting, she even knows Bitcoin and doesn’t flinch when you ask her to convert kilometers to miles: