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WhatsApp Quick Reply on iPhone

Tired of having to open WhatsApp text messages for a brief reply and then return to your current app? In iOS 9.1 and the latest version of the WhatsApp client, things have gotten a lot easier. You can now use WhatsApp Quick Reply on iPhone to chat with one or multiple contacts in a fast and efficient manner, effectively without leaving your current app. This is a guide on how to use WhatsApp Quick Replies without having to jailbreak your iPhone, as it was required with prior versions of the app.

Hint: You will require iOS 9.1 and above and the latest version of WhatsApp for this trick to work. Older versions of iOS will only work with a specific jailbreak tweak.

How to Quick Reply on the Lock Screen

Swipe to left > Reply > Send

When receiving a message on your Lock Screen, simply slide the notification to the left and tap “Reply” to quickly write your WhatsApp text reply. Enter your message into the text field, then tap “Send” when done.

How to Quick Reply within Apps

Swipe downwards > Reply > Send

You can also Quick Reply from within an app. Quickly swipe down on the incoming notification, then tap the text field to enter your reply and finally hit “Send” when done. The notification will disappear and you can continue using your current app without having to switch to WhatsApp!