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Top 10 iPhone 6s Tricks (Exclusive)

The iPhone 6s has brought a number of great additions to the already fantastic iPhone 6 and we’re proud to present our own, exclusive top 10 iPhone 6s features list to you. We are constantly busy with investigating the coolest and most useful features and tricks with regards to iOS and the latest Apple devices. Our overview covers practically everything a new iPhone 6s owner needs to know and is meant for beginners and experienced users alike!

3D Touch

Probably the most innovative and exciting new feature: 3D Touch allows you to incorporate not only touch but also pressure into your everyday interaction. Pressing harder on certain elements of the interface will give you interesting results, Apple calls this gesture a “deep press”. You can also “peek” and “pop”, which is a new combination of gestures for previewing content and fully opening previews.


A firm swipe from the very left of the device towards the right side will now open the Multitasking View, which was previously only accessible via double Home Button presses. Nifty and fast!

Using the keyboard as a trackpad

Press hard (briefly) on your keyboard and it will turn into a trackpad, allowing you to select text vertically and horizontally. Press hard once more to select any of your text using the cursor. Here’s a tutorial that goes in-depth on this.

Saving photos using peek and pop

Press hard on any photo or image in the Safari web browser. Swipe up before lifting your finger off the touch screen. This will bring up a context menu that allows you to actually save any photo from your browser in mere seconds.

Zooming via 3D Touch

Accessibility features are also compatible with 3D Touch in some cases. You can, for instance, use a firm press on your zoom controller to magnify any text or images on your iPhone’s screen. Great for those of us who can’t rely on 20/20 vision. See our separate guide on how to configure this feature.

Maps app

Tapping special locations in the “Maps” app typically only shows the name of the location and basic information. By pressing firmly on, say, a Starbucks location, we can quickly access a sharing and action menu that allows us to go to the website, share the place or call it and get directions.

3D Touch sensitivity

If you are having trouble with 3D Touch, you might need to adjust the sensitivity. See our full guide on how to set 3D Touch to a more firm or soft setting.


The iPhone 6s has received a noticeable camera upgrade that took it from 8 to 12 megapixel. Not only do you get 4K resolution for videos, but also the so-called “Live Photos” that come to life upon pressing them.

Live Photos on the Lock Screen

A “Live Photo” is actually made up of a number of photographs that have been stitched together to form a three second video. The former half of the video happens before your photo, while another one and a half seconds of video happen after the shot. You can set your Lock Screen wallpaper to one of your “Live Photos” by following our guide.

4K video recording

How to record 4K video using iPhone 6s, you may ask? Well, you should treat this trick with care, as it will fill up your storage pretty rapidly if you are an avid videographer or photographer. That said, it is rather awesome to be able to fill 3840 x 2160 pixels with life. Four times the size of a 1080p recording! No wonder these videos are sharp, detailed and beautiful.

Here’s a guide on how to change to a different video resolution on your iPhone 6s and/or record in 4K.

Using the display as a flash

Ever take a selfie and it turned out way too dark? Bummer! With the iPhone 6s, Apple has perfected the right kind of flash for your selfie and it’s made up of your display. The display will flash if you go into your “Camera” app, select the camera switcher icon to the top right, then select the flash icon and enable it. This will force the front-facing flash feature regardless of the lighting, while keeping it on “auto” might work just as fine.

Summoning Siri using only your voice

Siri is truly the digital version of a genie in a bottle, which you can now summon using merely your voice! Just say “Hey Siri” after enabling the feature in your “Settings” app, follow our detailed guide if you need any help. Be sure to train Siri, which will help with accuracy.