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Top 6 iPhone Pranks & Jokes

What better way to get on the nerves of your colleagues, relatives or significant other than to mess with their iPhone? Here’s our collection of the top 6 iPhone pranks & practical jokes you can easily pull at any time, without causing permanent harm to the device or the user. If you are really up to pure evil, you can combine several of these to make the experience even more frustrating for the victim.

1: Diabolic auto-correct

Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

As if auto-correct wasn’t unnerving enough already, right? In this little prank we will be manipulating the words uttered by our victim in a most diabolic fashion. Let’s say he or she will try to say “Hi” in a text or chat, but the result will instead be “I am really stupid.” This will work in any app such as Messages or WhatsApp and even Mail.

To achieve this, we will need to open up the “Settings” app, go to “General”, then “Keyboards” and finally “Text Replacement”. Create a new text replacement by tapping the plus sign at the top right of the screen.

There are two fields we need to fill. The “Phrase” field is the result, while “Shortcut” is our trigger phrase. Feel free to be creative about this.

A few suggestions:

Phrase: “Their” – Shortcut: “They’re”
Phrase: “yes” – Shortcut: “no”
Phrase: “hold on” – Shortcut: “bye”
Phrase: “hell no!” – Shortcut: “ok”

2. iMessage waiting prank

The typing indicator in iMessage tells us whether our contact is still writing his text or reply. The typical reaction is to wait and see what he or she will send. But what if the waiting never ends?

Send this special GIF to your victim by tapping and holding it, then selecting “Save image” to add it to your local photos. Then send it just like any regular old image by tapping the camera icon at the bottom left. It will look like you are typing all the time and basically never end, confusing your victim.

This one works especially well when combined with a phrase akin to “you won’t believe how my morning at the doctor’s office began today…” and just follow up with the animated GIF. Of course you don’t have to be quite as dramatic.

3. Blocking apps on the iPhone

Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access

You can block certain apps from being closed by setting your own passcode for them. The victim will not be able to leave the app and will be trapped inside of it unless he or she decides to power down the device, or knows the passcode.

Go to the victim’s “Settings” app, then “General”, “Accessibility” and “Guided Access”. Enable the topmost and bottommost toggles to enable Guided Access and the corresponding shortcut. Set a passcode by going to “Passcode Settings”. Then open up the app you want to block and triple-tap the Home Button. This will allow you to lock the app. Make sure to remember the passcode!


4. The frozen screen prank

We can make an iPhone appear as if it suffered a semi-crash and is now partially frozen, with no apparent way to fix it. Even a reboot won’t help, what is going on? Your victim will be terrified and/or annoyed, that is for sure.

For the frozen screen prank, we will need a screenshot of the regular first page of the victim’s Home Screen. To take a screenshot, press both the Standby Button and the Home Button at the same time.

Then go to “Settings”, “Wallpaper” and set the screenshot as a background for the Home Screen. Next, move most of the apps into a folder or onto another page. This will make the iPhone seem unresponsive and drive the affected person mad. To undo, simply change the wallpaper and things will be a lot clearer.

5. Cracked screen prank for iPhone

There’s a game called Bee Swatter, which is actually more of a prank app. Install it on the victim’s iPhone and have him or her play it. The official aim of the game is to swat bees on the screen by tapping them. After a couple of rounds, it will seem impossible to trigger a touch event and the screen will seem unresponsive. The game will then have the user tap harder and harder, until it will simulate a cracked screen and plenty of errors in the background. Oh, the horror!

6. Inverted color prank

Settings > General > Accessibility > Invert Colors

This one can be really confusing with its funky look: Why not invert all of the colors on the victim’s iPhone by going to the “Settings” app, “General” and then “Accessibility”. This feature is meant to increase legibility for visually impaired users, but it works just fine to stump and prank anyone you know. Enable “Invert colors” and your friend or colleague won’t recognize his iPhone due to all of those strange colors.

These six pranks should be more than enough for the next April fools day or any other prank-heavy occasion. Please use them responsibly and intensely!