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How to Remove Recent Contacts from the Multitasking Screen

The iOS app switcher allows you to move between open applications on your iPhone. Double tapping the Home Button brings up the app switcher or multitasking menu. By default, your iPhone will show your most recent contacts or favorite contacts at the top of this screen.

With iOS 11 the App Switcher no longer shows recent contacts. The feature might be brought back in the future though.

You might not want this for privacy reasons, or perhaps you are looking for a way to declutter your user interface. This guide demonstrates how to hide recent contacts from the iPhone app switcher and/or how to hide favorites from the iOS app switcher.

Hiding recent contacts and favorites on iPhone (App Switcher)

Settings → Mail, Contacts, Calendars → Show in App Switcher

When you double tap the Home Button to switch between currently running and recently opened apps on your iPhone, a selection of your most recent and favorite contacts is displayed at the top. In order to hide both the circular contact pictures and their names, we have to toggle a specific setting in your “Settings” app.

Navigate to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and finally tap on the option labeled “Show in App Switcher”. This will bring up two toggle buttons, one for each of the two groups of contacts. If you disable both, your app switcher screen won’t display any contacts at all. If you opt to display e.g. favorite contacts only, simply leave the corresponding toggle enabled.