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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac

Here’s 3 methods for importing photos from your iPhone to a Mac computer. The iCloud Photo Library does a pretty good job of keeping everything in sync, but some of us prefer the classic and offline way to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac, which is why we compiled this handy guide for you. If you favor a more manual route, then these are your options.

1: “Photos” app

Photos > Import

The most comfortable way of transferring photos to your Mac is of course the pre-installed “Photos” app. Simply connect your iPhone via the USB cable and launch “Photos”, if not already open. Then click the tab titled “Import” or select it from the dropdown menu, depending on the window width. This option is the preferred way of syncing images to a large database and offers face detection and many other helpful features.

You can either import a selection of images via “Import Selected”, or choose to import all new photos via “Import New”. The app will automatically determine whether an image is a duplicate or not and does a great job with respect to deduplication. Your photos will not be stored within a regular folder, but within a special database file which is also known as your Photo “Library”.

2: Image Capture

Another pre-installed app on your mac is the trusty “Image Capture” app. It allows you to quickly import photos from your iPhone or camera to any folder on your hard drive. You can also define individual or multiple images to import, or simply import all new images. Deduplication works as well as having all imported photos deleted after the import process.

3: Dropbox, Google Drive and others

There are also the file-locker services and of course Dropbox, which you can use as a safe haven for your photos. Out of all of the cloud storage options, Dropbox and Google Drive are probably the easiest to configure. Check out the official website of Dropbox on this topic and install the client, which will then ask you to automatically import media as soon as you connect a supported device such as an iPhone.