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Emoji Skin Tone – How To Change It

The new emojis (or new emoji, depending on your preference for the plural) are a great means of expression when texting. With iOS 8.3, Apple introduced a bunch of new and multicultural emojis, as well as improving the emoji keyboard, which is now scrollable horizontally. For this guide to work, you need to update to iOS 8.3 or above.

Required: current iOS version

Updating iOS is simple. Open up your “Settings” app, select “General” and last but not least hit “Software Update” to check for operating system updates and, consequently, install them.

New Emojis: How to use the multicultural emoji in iOS 8.3 and above

Hold or tap Globe icon on keyboard → Select “Emoji” Keyboard → Hold and swipe emoji to change skin tone

The new emojis/emoji can be used within any app that allows text entry from multiple keyboards. Thus, you can emote multiculturally and thoroughly with ease. To pull up the emoji keyboard, open up an app you use for e.g. texting, messaging, tweeting or simply writing. Next, press or hold the Globe icon at the bottom of your keyboard.

Holding the Globe icon will allow you to slide to the desired option, in this case, “Emoji”. Tapping allows you to quickly cycle through the list of available keyboards. Depending upon how many keyboards you downloaded from the iTunes App Store or added via the “Settings” app, the list might be longer or shorter than mine.

When you first use the new multicultural emoji, iOS will greet you with the following message:

Some (but not all) emoji can be pressed and held, opening up this brand new selection submenu. Swiping to the skin tone variation of your choice will insert the desired emoji. And the selection will be kept for the next time you use it. You can change the skin tone variation at any time by repeating this method.

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