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How to Upload Files From iCloud Drive and Dropbox

File management on iPhone can still be a tricky subject, especially when you are on the move and need to upload a file on a website. This used to be practically impossible with older versions of iOS. Now that the integration of folder access and interoperability between apps has gotten a lot better with iOS 9, we can even access files that are stored within iCloud Drive and upload them to a website or form on the internet. The same goes for Dropbox, by the way. Here’s a tutorial on how to upload files from iCloud Drive and Dropbox to file-sharing sites, websites and forms.

Prerequisites: To access iCloud Drive directly from your web browser, you will require iOS 9.0 and later. Earlier versions of iOS (8.0 and later) partially support iCloud Drive, but not the upload feature. Dropbox, however, works with iOS 8.0 and later.

Uploading documents, pictures and other files via iCloud Drive

Open up a one-click-hoster or a website that supports file uploads in your Safari Browser. We will be using Wikisend file sharing for this example, as it does not require prior registration and allows us to upload up to 100 MB for free and share the file afterwards. Click “Choose File” to bring up the upload menu.

Now pick your “Photo Library”, your “iCloud Drive” or your “Dropbox” account (if available) from the list of sources. This will open a file management window containing your files. Select the respective file by tapping it once or tap “Done” to cancel and pick another method. Your file will now upload to the hosting service.

Depending upon the app you use as a source, the interface might look slightly different to our screenshots, but the mechanism is basically the same. Now you know how to share documents, spreadsheets, files and images or videos with the world and upload them to filesharing websites directly from your iPhone or iPad!