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How to Lock Your iPhone in Landscape Mode

There is no straightforward way to lock your iPhone screen rotation in landscape mode, but here’s a hidden trick that allows you to do so. The regular iPhone rotation lock feature only works for portrait (vertical) screens and is useless if you plan on using the iPhone in landscape mode for an extended period of time. Check out our tutorial on the subject matter below.

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Prepare iPhone Landscape Lock

We will be using the so-called AssistiveTouch feature, which is meant to enhance the user experience of physically impaired users. Often times, the accessibility features in iOS are great for extending the functionality beyond what the “Settings” app offers in general.

Enable AssistiveTouch on iPhone

Settings → General → Accessibility → Shortcut → AssistiveTouch

The AssistiveTouch feature is triggered by triple-pressing the Home Button anywhere in iOS and shows up as a tiny box which you can move around the screen. It is typically used to bridge a gap for users who are not physically able to use the touchscreen to a full extent. Tap the little box to make the menu appear.

Shortcut for easy access

Go to “General” in your settings, then tap “Accessibility” and select the “Shortcut” settings page. Then enable “AssistiveTouch” as one of your shortcuts. We will explain what this does in a minute. The reason for setting this up as a shortcut is that we can easily toggle its visibility and not have the menu clutter our interface all of the time.

Rotate Your iPhone Screen

Now select “Device” from the menu, then press “Rotate Screen” and select the preferred landscape orientation. You have the option to choose either left or right, which will determine where your Home Button and speakers are.

Hint: Your iPhone senses how you hold it, usually a very helpful feature, but in some situations it’s just annoying. Learn, how to stop screen rotation and use the screen rotation lock.

Your iPhone will now stay in landscape mode for as long as you are using it, to return to the regular mode simply re-invoke the “AssistiveTouch” menu by triple-pressing the Home Button and change the orientation to your liking.
You can now use your iPhone to view photos in landscape mode or watch movies on iPhone in landscape mode.