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Finding the Best Photos (You Took) on iPhone

Finding the best shots you took with your iPhone can be a tiresome endeavor, since taking lots and lots of photos in a short amount of time is pretty easy on your phone. How to locate the really good shots in the midst of all of these images? Apple introduced a number of helpful new features in iOS 9, one of which can assist you in finding the best photos on iPhone very quickly. Here’s a guide on how to use said feature.

Prerequisites: You will require iOS 9.0 and later as well as a compatible device to follow along with the below guide.

“Scrubbing” through your iPhone photos

To find the best shots on your iPhone in the shortest amount of time, we will apply a technique called “scrubbing”, which you might know from video player apps. Open up your “Photos” app and go to the main “Photos” tab or an album you would like to view. Fully open one of the shots to begin.

At the bottom of your “Photos” app, there is timeline with thumbnails in a compact format. Lay your finger onto this timeline, then swipe left or right to quickly traverse through the series of shots.

Let go as soon as you see an image that you like, would like to share or edit.

Quick preview in the “Years” view

The same goes for the “Years” view, which you can reach by tapping the blue back arrow at the top left of the interface multiple times when viewing pictures in your “Photos” app.

Lay your finger on an image thumbnail and drag it around, this will display a slightly bigger preview for you to quickly check out, without having to open the actual photograph. Let go to fully open the image.