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Invite Same Contacts to Multiple Events With iPhone Calendar

If you and your friends or colleagues meet regularly, or conduct formal meetings on a regular basis, then you will greatly benefit from this trick concerning the iPhone calendar. The iPhone “calendar” app has gotten a lot smarter with recent updates and will remember which of your contacts are often part of meetings, or “invitees”, so to speak. It even takes into account who of them belongs to a certain group or is somehow connected, as it will offer to add commonly associated people to a meeting or event during the creation and invitation process.

How to invite often-used contacts to events

Planning and organizing an event or meeting is easily accomplished using the “Calendar” app on iPhone.

How to invite event attendees (invitees)

Calendar > Plus Sign (Add) > Invitees

To add invitees from another, past event, we only need to keep creating events and iOS will automatically learn the typical makeup of a meeting. It will then propose the names of your most-used contacts first, or additionally propose others that typically go with one of the invitees. Simply tap the names of the recommended invitees to add them to a meeting, which will save you from having to type them in manually.

Sending email to commonly used circles of contacts

Your iPhone does a great job of connecting the dots in the “Mail” app as well. When adding recipients in a new email or while forwarding an existing message, the iPhone will remember sensible combinations of people and offer them to you.

Add one or two contacts and your iPhone will offer to add the rest of the group, enabling you to add them by tapping their names instead of going about it manually. We think that this is a nice feature that does exactly what it is supposed to do.