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How to Hide Default Apps on Your iPhone

Apple might introduce this as a feature at some point in the near future, but until then, we will need to make use of certain tricks to hide the default apps on iPhone. Such as the “Podcasts” app, or “FaceTime” app or maybe “iBooks”. If you don’t use the default/stock apps, there is no point in keeping them on your Home Screen. Here’s a tutorial on how to hide the default apps on iPhone and do so for as long as you like, in a way that is entirely unaffected by reboots.

You can now delete default apps. To learn how, check out our guide on how to delete default apps on iPhone!

There is another trick that allows you to hide pretty much any app, see this article for guidance on how to achieve this. The method discussed below is not affected by reboots or restarts of your iPhone, while the former trick is and has to be put back into place. For the more permanent method, please continue reading.

List of apps you can hide

These are the apps you can hide using our method. Note that you will not be able to use these apps as long as they are hidden, although the process is fully reversible. Here’s the list:

  • News
  • Podcasts
  • iBooks
  • iTunes Store
  • FaceTime
  • Camera
  • Safari

How to hide a default/stock app on iPhone

Settings → General → Restrictions

Open up your “Settings” app and go to “General”, then select the “Restrictions”.

If you are opening this menu for the first time or have had this feature disabled in the near past, iOS will prompt you to enter a four-digit code after tapping “Enable Restrictions”. This code will be needed to unlock the restrictions and effectively regain access to the hidden apps afterwards. Please make a note of the code you set here, or definitely make sure that you will be able to remember it. Otherwise, you might have to restore your iPhone to regain access to the hidden apps or remove any of the restrictions you set here.

Below the subheading titled “Allow” we can now find a list of apps and features which we can temporarily remove from our own sight and access. Say you disable the toggles next to “Safari”, the “Camera” and “FaceTime”, because you use third-party apps for the same purposes, then these apps will be hidden from your Home Screen.

After making our selections, we can return to the Home Screen by pressing the Home Button once. You should now notice that the apps we disabled in the aforementioned menu have gone missing and are completely hidden, even Spotlight search should not turn up any results for them. You can modify the list of allowed apps at any time by going back to the same menu and entering your code. If you happen to lose your code, restore your iPhone using our handy guide over here.