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Top 10 Instagram Tips You Should Know

The following guide is aimed towards the needs of Instagram newbies, while veterans might already know most of our top 10 Instagram tips. But you never know, check the list and see if you might spot a new thing or two. Instagram has gained massive popularity amongst all sorts of users, from the casual user liking images of cats to the internet entrepreneur or bodybuilder and foodie taking and sharing multiple photos a day with massive followings to boot. Our guide will help you get the most out of Instagram with 10 handy tricks.

Table of Contents

  1. Sort & manage filters
  2. Use direct send
  3. Edit photo perspective
  4. Connect social media accounts
  5. Change video thumbnails
  6. Find posts with your tag
  7. World map overview
  8. Edit posts after publishing
  9. Use gestures in Instagram
  10. Speed up Instagram

1. Sort and manage Instagram filters

Instagram provides plenty of filters, currently around 40, that allow users to change the appearance of their images and customize them by giving them a specific look. After a while, you may notice that you prefer only a handful of filters. Why should you have to scroll through all of them?

We can actually sort and even disable filters by going to the cogwheel icon titled “Manage” and drag and drop the filters into the desired order. You can uncheck a filter to disable it from being shown in the list of filters.

2. Send photos to friends via direct send

You can send photos, videos or direct messages to friends on Instagram by tapping the inbox icon in the top right of the main interface. Then tap the plus sign to create a new message thread. Select either “Send Photo or Video” or “Send Message” to use “Direct Send” on Instagram.

3. Change the angle or perspective of an image

You can adjust the perspective/tilt or angle of an image by tapping the wrench icon at the right of the button bar. Then drag the slider to rotate your photo, or tap one of the other perspective icons and then slide to adjust the other axes.

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4. Connect other social media accounts to Instagram

You can connect additional social media networks to your Instagram account. Upon signup, you’ve probably logged in via Facebook or Twitter.
To add more, go to your profile and tap the cogwheel icon at the top right to access the Instagram settings. Then select “Linked Accounts” under the heading “Privacy and security” to add more, such as Tumblr, Ameba or This will allow you to share new posts directly to these networks.

5. How to change the thumbnail of a video

When posting videos, Instagram will try to select a fitting thumbnail for your post. As you may know, a good thumbnail makes or breaks an Instagram video’s success on the web. People will gladly click a video that looks inviting or engaging, but ignore boring previews.

You can adjust the thumbnail manually by tapping the third icon in the button bar, which will take you to a preview of a number of possible options. Pick a thumbnail by tapping it or sliding your finger across the thumbnail alternatives.

6. Find Instagram posts with your tag

You can locate Instagram photos in which you’ve been tagged by selecting your profile from the bottom icon bar, then selecting the fourth and last icon in the upper menu. This will display a list of photos with you in them. You may also use this to see tagged pictures of other Instagram profiles you follow or view.

7. World map overview

While in the profile view, tap the third icon from the left in the upper menu bar. This will display a world map and little markings in all the spots that you have visited and documented with your Instagram images. By the way, you can also use this feature when viewing other people’s Instagram profiles.

8. Edit Instagram posts after publishing

Instagram posts can be edited after publishing them. Simply tap the symbol that consists of three dots, which is below the full view of an image that you took. Then tap “Edit” to make changes to your already published Instagram image.

9. Use gestures in Instagram

When in camera mode, Instagram can be controlled via gestures. Simply swipe left and right to go back and forth between your image library, photo mode or video mode. Try swiping from the edges of the screen, this should be the most reliable way of invoking the gesture controls.

10. Speed up Instagram

If your Instagram is slow at loading your feeds, you have perhaps enabled the data-conservative option in the settings.

Go to your profile, then tap the settings icon at the top right and check the “Mobile Data Use” page. Disable the toggle labeled “Use Less Data” to make sure that Instagram will preload and fetch photos and videos before you view them.

This option drastically speeds up Instagram, but also causes your mobile data usage to increase. If you are on a limited data plan, we suggest keeping it enabled to optimize your data consumption.

Hint: If you disable this option, we recommend checking out our guide on monitoring your mobile data usage on iPhone.