How to Transfer Photos from Camera to iPhone Easily

How to Transfer Photos From Camera to iPhoneGetting your photos from a regular camera to your iPhone has been a complicated process in the past. Either you had to remove the SD card from your camera and insert it into a card reader, which you then hooked up to your iOS device. Or you would go the route via iTunes, meaning that a computer was required in this rather tedious multi-step process. This is a guide on how to transfer photos from camera to iPhone, be it a compact camera or DSLR, in the most efficient way.

Getting the right adapter or card reader

To directly transfer your photos from camera to iPhone, we will need either a Lightning to USB camera adapter or an SD card reader that is lightning-compatible. You can get either one of those two options directly at the Apple Store, Amazon, eBay or BestBuy. Getting the former adapter allows you to bypass the extra step of taking out your SD card.

How to transfer your photos from camera to iPhone

Camera SymbolThe following steps are needed to get your photos onto the iPhone, with the camera as a source:

  • Connect the Lighting to USB adapter to the Lightning port of your iPhone.
  • Connect the USB end of the cable to your camera’s USB cable.
  • Then connect your camera to its cable to complete the connection.
  • Switch on your camera.

Your iPhone should now automatically open the “Photos” app on the “Import” screen. There are two options with regards to how you can proceed: Either select “Import All” in the top right corner, or tap individual images and then import your selection by tapping “Import”.

After your iPhone has finished importing the photos, you will be prompted to decide whether you’d like to keep or delete the images on the camera.