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How to Find Popular Apps for Any City With Your iPhone

While traveling abroad or even in another city in your home country, you might have wondered what kind of apps might come in handy. Finding popular iPhone apps in other cities, practically all over the world, is now possible using this simple trick. The iTunes App Store has gotten pretty good at recommending the best apps for your overall region, but doesn’t take into account other cities. With our trick, you can pick any city all over the world and research popular apps without having to actually be there. The advantages of this trick are practically endless: Finding the best food guides, travel apps or even local guides that come in the form of an iPhone app is a breeze and allows you to download these apps beforehand, for example while planning a trip.

Prerequisites: We’re not sure whether this feature has been retroactively enabled for older iOS versions, but we recommend using iOS 9.0 or later for a number of reasons. The most recent version of iOS will definitely allow you to use this trick.

A similar feature has been implemented since iOS 7, but only applies to your current position.

How to find popular apps for any city

Open up the “Maps” app on your iPhone. Apple Maps, that is. Then type in the name of the city you would like to research app-wise and confirm the search. Or enter only a few characters, then tap the suggestion that is most appropriate for your trip or research.

Zoom in when in the map view and look for a point of interest, such as a hotel, store or restaurant. If you are currently planning your trip and already know the name of the place you’ll be staying at, even better! In any case, tap the name of your selected POI to bring up its name tag. Then tap the name tag to get to the detail page of the place.

Scroll down until you see the list of popular apps in that area, titled “Popular Apps Nearby”. This list is automatically generated and reflects the most favored iPhone apps, or to be more precise, the most used apps by actual iPhone users in this area.

By tapping any of these apps, you will be taken to the iTunes App Store. You can then download and install the app in question. This method presents a great way of checking out what other people or up to, or simply preparing your device and yourself for a stay in a foreign country or city!