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Fastest iPhone Navigation Technique

Now that Apple Maps has improved by quite a bit, more and more users are getting accustomed to using the native iOS app as their primary way of getting directions. The common way of launching iPhone navigation is to open the app and tap the blue arrow at the top left of the screen. This requires several steps and might take a while, what if you are low on time or simply looking for the most efficient workflow? Don’t worry, our “fastest iPhone navigation technique” has got you covered. We figured out the simplest method with the least steps required to enter a destination and get directions almost right away. Aside from using Siri, this is probably the easiest way to navigate using the iPhone.

The fastest iPhone navigation technique

Open up the “Maps” app on your iPhone, but don’t tap the blue arrow icon just yet. We will take a different route, no pun intended. Either enter a city or pan around the local map to find a point of interest, which is represented by a circular symbol or icon. We can also tap and hold to drop a navigation pin. Then tap the point of interest or pin to bring up the corresponding name tag.

As you might have noticed, your iPhone has already calculated the required time to reach the destination via a preferable mode of travel, which defaults to traveling by car. This is displayed on a blue background on the name tag of your destination. Tap the icon on the blue background to initiate navigation mode.

You will then be able to choose among the offered routes, or simply tap “Start” to get directions right away. The currently fastest route is the one that is selected by default. That’s it! We’ve accomplished the goal of getting directions in three steps.

Hint: You can also set up shortcuts for commonly selected destinations, such as your workplace or home and other favorites in iOS 9. Read more…