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How to Gift Apps via the iTunes App Store

Still looking for a suitable christmas present? You could gift apps through the iTunes App Store. If a small but useful or entertaining gift is your objective and the gifted person owns an iPhone, why not gift an app? Apps are easily gifted and can even be timed for special occasions, such as christmas eve or birthdays. They are a great accompanying gift for new users as well. You can pay them up front and your loved one will receive the app either right away, or on the given date. You can gift anything from camera apps to planners or even games and entertainment apps via the App Store. Here’s how to gift apps for iPhone users.

How to gift apps in iOS 9

App Store > [Select App] > Share > Gift

Go to your “App Store” app on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Then browse for the app you would like to gift by heading to the charts, searching for the title of the app or checking out the featured apps. Once you’ve found the right app, tap the “Share” button at the very top right of the screen. Then select “Gift” as your sharing destination.

On the next screen, you will be able to specify an email for the recipient, which can be any of his or her email addresses. To make things easy, use their Apple ID if known, but that is optional. You can add a personalized message with up to 200 characters and edit the “From:” field if desired. Then either send off the gift as is, or select “Other Date” and specify a date of your choice for the delivery of the gifted app. You will be billed for the gift as with any other app you purchase from the iTunes App Store.

Note that the app will only be redeemable in your currently selected App Store region. Keep that in mind when sending out international gifts. Tap “Next” to finalize the gift.

Gifting apps in older iOS versions (such as iOS 6)

App Store > [Select App] > Gift App

Older versions of iOS, such as iOS 6, work in a very similar manner. The only difference is that you will note be able to use a “Share” button for the lack of it. Instead, scroll down until you see a button labeled “Gift app”. From there on, the process is practically identical with the above instructions.

Gifting apps via iTunes

iTunes > App Store > Gift This App

You can also use your Windows PC or Mac to gift apps for iPhone and iPad users.

Open up the iTunes application and navigate to the App Store page, then search for an app to gift. Click the tiny arrow next to the price of the app and select “Gift This App” to get to the app gifting form.

Enter your recipient’s email address in the “To:” field and add a personal message if desired. You can also select the date as with the other methods, or change the “Sender” field to suit your purpose. Finally click “Next” when you’re happy with how things have been set up.