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More Songs Like This & More of This Album: Siri

The experience of listening to music has been transformed by Siri, the virtual assistant on your iPhone. Instead of having to open up an app and look for the right buttons to tap, we can now use voice commands to achieve the desired results to satisfy our musical mood and spontaneous requests. Such as having your iPhone play more tracks from the same album as your currently playing song in a playlist or mix. Or even having Siri select similar music. Ever listen to a particular piece of music and think “I’d love to hear more songs like this, right now”? Well, we’ve got you covered.

Prerequisites: You will require at least an iPhone 4S as Siri is part of this trick. With regards to firmware, make sure that you are running iOS 9.0 or later.

Works with Apple Music & regular iTunes tracks

The following trick works regardless of whether you are using an Apple Music subscription or downloaded tracks via the iTunes Store, your own MP3s, M4As or iTunes Match. Since Apple Music and the regular Music app are now one and the same thing, they share a lot of the benefits.

Playing more songs from the same album

While playing music from a playlist or shuffling your entire library, you might want to hear more from the same album. Long-press your Home Button to bring up Siri or simply say “Hey Siri” if your iPhone is currently plugged in or if you own an iPhone 6s.

Then request to “Play more of this album” and Siri will queue the corresponding album to the currently playing album to play after the song has finished. You can experiment with different ways of saying this, as Siri will be updated and changed in the future and might respond to more variations of this request.

Hint: Learn more about “Hey Siri” in this article.


Playing similar songs

You can ask Siri to “play more songs like this” whenever playing music through the native “Music” app. Long-Press the Home Button to bring her up and voice your request. Siri will then respond with a brief confirmation and display a button to take you to the “Music” app, labeled “Open Music”.

Once there, you can choose from the recommendations, which entail songs of a similar character and are not necessarily performed by the same artist.