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Clash of Clans Strategy: Top Tips & Tricks

Whether you are a new player or a seasoned veteran looking to hone your skills, our Clash of Clans strategy guide should come in handy. We’ve compiled our Top 11 Clash of Clans tips that will help you get ahead in the game and let your village grow as fast as possible. Beginners and advanced players can look forward to strategies for defending the settlement, producing plenty of elixir and hints on how to build the largest empire.

Clash of Clans Strategy Guide: Our favorite Tips & Tricks

Optimizing your resources

As soon as you reach a new level with your town hall, focus on upgrading your gold mines and elixir collectors. Despite the cool look of epic defenses, focusing on resource collection will allow you to access better weapons sooner. The early game is best won by playing economically.

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Saving gems received for builder’s huts

Especially if you’re a new and impatient rookie, the temptation of spending gems on completing buildings to complete them without the wait may be really strong. But gems are extremely rare and valuable in this game. When receiving gems for constructing builder’s huts, save them up instead of spending them for sped up upgrades. Another thing to keep in mind, is that having a lot of builder’s huts will create a huge advantage to you in the later part of the game.

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Completing achievements to get more gems

By tapping the icon with the red haired girl on the right hand side of the screen, we can view our achievements in Clash of Clans. Completing any of these challenges will earn you gems with relatively little effort, especially early in the game. Use them to build as many builder’s huts as possible. This will guarantee the quickest expansion of your little empire.

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Upgrading your town hall last

Upgrading the town hall in Clash of Clans is a great way to get more and better resources, defenses and weapons. Unfortunately, it also paves the way for other players attacking you and stealing lots of gold and elixir from you, even if their town hall is at a far lower level. This makes you a target. Try to delay the upgrade of your town hall and focus on all of your other buildings first. And take care to not neglect your town walls.

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Taking care of your town walls

Town walls are as essential in Clash of Clans, as they are expensive. Investing into decent walls will keep your town from getting raided, as long as you make sure to leave no openings. Enemies can and will use any kind of weak point to intrude into your base. By building stronger walls, you effectively increase the time during which your attackers will be exposed to your town’s defenses and weaken the attack in turn. This strategy takes a lot of patience, but pays off big time.

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Attacking goblin outposts in single player missions

Making your first big attacks on other player’s towns might be intimidating for a reason, especially when you are still an inexperienced player and strategist. To gain some experience and not risk losing as devastatingly in the beginning, try attacking the goblin outposts that are run by the computer. Several reasons speak for trying these first before making any bigger moves:

  1. Beginners are meant to use the goblin outposts as target practice by design of the game.
  2. You can attack goblin outposts without losing your shield, which is essential when first starting out.
  3. Getting relatively large amounts of resources by looting goblin outposts is doable with even a small army.
  4. There is no time limit, allowing you to practice without pressure.

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Protecting your elixir over night

Enemies may raid your village at any time of day, even when you are not playing. New Clash of Clans players are often shocked to see that their resources have been stolen over night by pillagers. There is one trick that allows you to at least protect your elixir a lot better than just relying on your main strategy, though.

Fill up your army camps with troops and tap to build the most expensive unit in your barracks over night. When your barracks are full, new units are merely queued but not actually built. As the required elixir is reserved by the barracks, you will be able to cancel the build process on the next day and regain the resources that have been allocated for the build afterwards. This makes a majority of your elixir unlootable for other players over night.

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Defenses are inactive during expansion

Keep in mind that your defense structures are inactive while expanding your settlement. This does not apply to clan wars.

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Watching replays of attacks

Clash of Clans allows to watch instant replays of attacks on your settlement, or attacks commenced by yourself. If you have the time, view these replays to study the strategy employed by your opponents and learn from them in terms of offense and defense. They will also teach you about the weak points in your own town layout.

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Farming gold and elixir from your enemies

The best method of gaining resources is attacking real opponents. You should however always reconcile your input and output. By this we mean to look a the cost and benefit of a battle, making sure to attack only profitable targets. Many targets do not have a lot of loot in their storage structures, but you can attack their mines to loot some of their resources. Mines are often barely protected and easy to access. This makes farming gold and elixir in Clash of Clans relatively easy and less risky.

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Hints regarding troops in Clash of Clans

Tips & tricks for goblins in Clash of Clans

Goblins are great for moving swiftly during a raid. Attack weakly guarded mines or pillage a base to which you have already cleared the defenses. Before approaching a town using goblins, make sure to destroy all seeking air mines and mage towers, otherwise it might turn out to be a shorter fight for your goblins than you’ve anticipated.

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Tips & tricks for mages in Clash of Clans

Mages don’t mind a town wall and are great for attacking defensive enemies that tend to hide behind bespoke walls. Make sure to protect your mages, they are very vulnerable in close combat. Placing strong melee troops such as giants or barbarians next to mages will divert attention and can work as a damage magnet, effectively protecting your mages from melee attacks.

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Tips & tricks for archers in Clash of Clans

Archers are, of course, ranged units that don’t offer a lot in melee battle. Just as you should take good care of your mages, archers are best used in combination with barbarians and giants. Don’t send all of your archers into battle at once, but release them in smaller and dispersed groups. They are very prone to taking area damage via mines and such. As soon as you dismantle the outer defense ring of a village, you can send in the archers to clean up the rest pretty quickly.

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Tips & tricks for barbarians in Clash of Clans

The barbarian is a great all-purpose unit, which is even useful in the later game when you have grown more experienced. He can take a lot of damage, but deal a lot of damage as well. And he is relatively fast. As with the other types of units, he really shines in combination with the right kind of troops by his side. Aerial units and ranged units can be used to augment the barbarian’s capabilities and attack defense structures. Barbarians are also a great way to try out the routing, as they will reliably attack the closest targets in their vicinity.

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These tips & tricks helped us make the most of our Clash of Clans experience and have been sourced through seasoned players and our friends. If you have any additional hints, feel free to contact us and we will extend our guide with your advice to make it as complete as possible.