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How to Clean Up the Camera Roll on your iPhone

At some point in your iOS user’s life, you will be tired of manually managing all of your photos and wondering how to clean up the camera roll on your iPhone in an automatic way. We take so many pictures during the holidays, special occasions or even on a daily basis. Organizing your photos on the iPhone can turn into a daunting task, especially if you haven’t formed the habit of deleting any unneeded images right away. Blurry pictures and low quality shots or duplicate photos can turn into quite the storage hog, if they are not dealt with accordingly.

Download Gallery Doctor

A (currently) free and easy to use app comes to the rescue of iOS users worldwide and it’s called “Gallery Doctor”. Using this app, which you can freely download until January 12th of 2016, or purchase afterwards, we can sort and filter your images by quality or other criteria. This will allow us to clean up your camera roll swiftly and easily.

To begin processing your Camera Roll, download “Gallery Doctor” from the iTunes App Store onto your iPhone.

Clean up your camera roll (automatically)

Start the app and allow it to access your photos, whether you’d like to allow it to send notifications is up to you. Accessing photos is naturally a prerequisite of using the app.

The app will then conduct an automatic analysis of your image library, both stored locally on the iPhone’s camera roll and whatever you have stored in your iCloud library. This may take a while, especially when run for the first time.

As soon as Gallery Doctor is done with the initial analysis, it will display visual statistics concerning the results. The “Gallery Health” value is an indicator as to how good your photos are. The higher this value, the better and more varied your shots.


How to delete low quality photos from your iPhone

On the stats screen, tap “Review” next to “Bad Photos” to have a look at the potentially bad images. The app selects photos that are too dark, shaky or blurry or have a low resolution and places them in this category for you to check.

Typically, all of the images will be selected by default. If you want to keep any shots regardless of their quality, tap the respective thumbnail to remove the selection, or tap the garbage bin icon.

When you are finished with your selection, tap “Delete marked photos” to get rid of the selected low quality photos.


Deleting similar photos from your iPhone

The app can also detect similar photos and recommend keeping the best of the set. Tap “Review” next to “Similar Photos” on the result overview to go into this mode. You can either select to “Delete marked photos” and get rid of all of your duplicate images if you trust the app, or decide on a case by case basis and tap “Clean Group”.

Just as in the other mode, we can apply manual selections to fine tune the changes. Tap a photo to deselect and subsequently keep it.

Going through the rest

There may be some images to which Gallery Doctor doesn’t hold an answer, they will be collected in the “Photos for Review” section for you to go through. Similar to the “Tinder” app, you can swipe left to delete and swipe right to keep an image very quickly. You can also tap the thumb up or thumb down buttons to decide.

After going through this section, all of your shots should be of good quality and worth keeping.