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How to Hide or Remove QuickType Suggestions/Predictive Text

Since iOS 8, Apple has been getting really smart about how to support your typing speed on the on-screen keyboard. A great new feature called QuickType speeds up your replies while texting or even while writing individual pieces of text in a note-taking app or Apple Pages. By offering three predictions that are tailored to your style, iOS 8 and above make text entry much smoother. QuickType adapts to whomever you are writing to, which is reflected in the type of word suggestions you receive. These suggestions are also context-sensitive and may offer quick answers such as “yes”, “no” or “maybe” to simple questions.

The iOS 8 predictive text engine is international and works for all kinds of languages. The currently active language is always selected by picking the appropriate keyboard for your language. There are multiple ways to turn off QuickType, which this article will demonstrate. But first, see these examples with respect to the benefits of the feature (Screenshot courtesy Apple Inc.):



How to turn off predictive text (quicktype suggestions) on iPhone

As great as QuickType is, it might get in the way sometimes. To reclaim some of that screen real estate, simply swipe down on the grey suggestions bar to temporarily hide it. You may swipe up on the tiny grabber afterwards to reenable QuickType. This is the quickest and easiest method, although it requires some dexterity to pull it off. Especially the swiping up part is best done slowly and carefully, aim slightly lower if you run into trouble.


How to toggle predictive text (quicktype suggestions) on iPhone

Settings > General > Keyboard > Predictive

There is another way to disable predictive text on iPhone and it involves your “Settings” app. Start from the “General” section, select “Keyboards” and you’ll see a bunch of options regarding certain automatisms iOS applies to all of your typing. One of them is marked “Predictive”, you can toggle the suggestions on or off from here.

This will (completely) hide the suggestions bar when you are entering text on your iPhone.

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