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How To Easily Make and Apply a Facebook Profile Video

Here’s a guide on how to record and set a video as your Facebook profile picture, also known as a “Facebook Profile Video”. Yeah, that’s right, you can now apply a sparkly new Facebook profile video that will loop continuously instead of a static, boring old photo. These clips can contain seven seconds of moving imagery and add some extra shine to your profile. Using our guide, you can set it this new feature up in a matter of minutes!

Prerequisites: Facebook launched this feature in October of 2015, but only a small amount of users was included in the testing phase. Since then, a growing amount of people noticed that it is now possible to use a video as their profile picture or avatar on Facebook. For now, you need an iPhone and the official Facebook app for iOS. Unfortunately, there is no Facebook Profile Video for Android, but the feature may roll out on the Android platform in the near future.

How to record a Facebook Profile Video and upload it

Facebook > Your Profile > Tap Profile Image > Take a New Profile Video

To add a Facebook Profile Video to your own profile, we need to first open up the “Facebook” app.

Then either search for yourself to get to your profile, or take the alternative route as follows. Tap the “More” button at the bottom right, then select “Show my Profile” to get to your own page.

Using an existing video or uploading a new video avatar

Next, tap the “Edit” button displayed on your avatar image. If the feature is available on your iPhone, you should notice that the little icon switches between a regular camera symbol and a movie camera symbol. Then select “Take a New Profile Video” to record a clip, or “Upload Video or Photo”, if you already own a fitting video and have stored it on your device. Note that only seven seconds of a clip will be looped with or without audio.

To record a new video, simply select the front or back facing camera and toggle the light as needed. Then tap the red record button, as you would with any type of video recording. The recording will stop automatically after the full seven seconds have been filled. Alternatively, you can stop the recording manually beforehand.

Editing your Facebook Profile Video

You can trim the video after recording and choose whether you’d like to leave the sound enabled, or take out the audio altogether. The thumbnail which will be displayed when static is also up to you, simply select one of the suggestions the app offers.

Finally, tap “Save” to upload the newly recorded video and use it as your Facebook Profile Video. Enjoy!