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Install WhatsApp On iPad with Push Notifications

Using WhatsApp on your iPhone is great, but having access to your chat conversations and notifications on other devices is a great addition. By configuring the “WhatsApp Web” feature, you can access WhatsApp on your Mac or PC browser and even reply to messages without having to look for your phone, which comes in handy when you are busy working on your computer. But how about the iPad? Here’s a guide on how to use WhatsApp for iPad with push notifications.

WhatsApp works on iPad, when you use “Messenger for WhatsApp – iPad version” and the third-party app even makes it possible to receive push notifications on your iPad, as well as reply to messages from the tablet. The best part: You can download it right now, for free, from the App Store and get WhatsApp on iPad. So far there has been no WhatsApp for iPad as WhatsApp requires a phone number and most iPads do not have a connected phone number.

Download WhatsApp for iPad

The app should only take up around 4 MB of your storage space and is available on the App Store for free, although it includes ads to support itself. These ads can be removed by purchasing an IAP for a small fee. Download the app called “Messenger for WhatsApp – iPad Version” and open it to begin.

Use WhatsApp on iPad

First of all, we will need to configure whether we want to receive WhatsApp notifications on iPad, as prompted upon first running it. We recommend to enable those notifications, as they will solely inform you whether you have received a new WhatsApp message.

The next page will probably remind you of the regular “WhatsApp Web” experience that you can access via any modern browser. A QR code is displayed and needs to be scanned with your iPhone.

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Keep this screen open and switch over to your iPhone, open your “WhatsApp” app and go to the settings by tapping the cogwheel icon in the bottom right. Select “WhatsApp Web” and “Scan QR Code”. Then point your camera at the QR code displayed on the iPad’s screen.

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Now that both devices are connected, you should be able to send and receive messages and attachments including photos and videos from your iPad. As long as your iPhone stays connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or cellular, you should receive a notification on your iPad when a new message comes in.