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iPhone 7 Concept Video & iOS 10 Preview

We’ll have to endure quite the wait until Apple unveils the iPhone 7 in the autumn of this year. Nonetheless, countless iPhone 7 concept renderings and videos flood the web and serve as inspiration and entertainment for the time being. The various types of design and engineering seen in these iPhone 7 mockups are being discussed on the web, practically on a daily basis. As Apple fans and veterans, we couldn’t resist and created our very own vision of the iPhone’s near future. Check out our mockup for a detailed look at the iPhone 7 and iOS 10 with some brand new features that will blow your mind.

Note that this is not to be taken as an iPhone 7 leak, but rather as a design study that allows for phantasy and creativity to take over – it is purely hypothetical and aims to please your inner Apple geek. However, we do think that our design concept is pretty realistic and might be close to the real iPhone 7, as we have taken multiple recent rumors into account. Our iPhone 7 infographic lists all of the features displayed in the concept video.

Borderless OLED display and integrated Homescreen Button & Touch ID

Our iPhone 7 concept boasts a gorgeous, borderless OED display for maximum contrast and image quality. The 2K screen resolution will knock your socks off. A multi-functional Homescreen Button is located inside this very display and allows you to perform various actions through swipe gestures. The Touch ID sensor is also part of the display in our vision of the iPhone 7.

iOS 10: More flexibility and further ease-of-use

Let’s not forget the operating system, which is just as important as the hardware it runs on. The new iOS 10, as envisioned by our concept, will be able to render app icons in two different sizes and display contextual information along with the icon. This allows you to work with the information without having to open an app beforehand. Another great feature of iOS 10 are the amazing Lock Screen Shortcuts, which can be triggered through Homescreen Button gestures right on the Lock Screen. Not having to unlock your iPhone 7 before performing new actions saves precious time and makes using it pretty effortless.

No headphone jack, bigger battery, faster data sync

Under its hood, the new iPhone 7 will boast an extremely powerful Apple A10 chip with an integrated M10 motion co-processor for reliable fitness tracking and 3 gigabytes of memory (RAM). The larger 3000 mAh battery provides you with 32 hours of talk time, 20 hours of internet browsing and up to 26 days of standby. Music lovers rejoice! You will be able to listen to up to 100 hours of music on a single charge.

Apple is always the first in recognizing the elements of technology we can do without. The headphone jack is no longer a thing on the iPhone 7, instead you will be able to listen to your favorite audio wirelessly. Optional wireless Apple EarPods provide excellent audio quality, while the lightning connector serves as an additional port for headphones. Integrated Dolby Surround certified speakers will impress music lovers and movie buffs or gamers alike. Prepare for an entirely new dimension of audio quality on your iPhone 7. Last but not least, USB Type-C serves as an incredibly fast data sync connection.

iPhone 7 infographic

For visual learners and readers who are short on time, we’ve compiled an iPhone 7 infographic to go with our mockup, which you can view in full by clicking on the preview below.

What do you think of our iPhone 7 and iOS 10 video? Which of the features do you deem realistic or unrealistic? What are your personal ideas and visions regarding the latest generation of Apple products? Let us know in the comments!

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