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How to Fix a Broken Home button on Your iPhone

While the iPhone is generally regarded as a very sturdy device and should last you for years if treated well, the Home Button is still a weak point as it is a moving part. If your iPhone Home Button gets stuck or stops responding, you might want to look into software fixes for the problem and emulate the button using the AssistiveTouch feature, which is a great solution for people who are low on budget. If retaining the full functionality without compromise is your main goal and you are not eligible for a warranty repair, there is a way to cost-effectively fix your problem by conducting the repair yourself. Check out our following guide on how to fix an iPhone Home Button.

iFixTheButton Repair Kit

The aptly named “iFixTheButton” repair kit is far cheaper than sending in the unit to Apple and paying around a hundred bucks for the procedure. Repairing an iPhone Home Button yourself is far easier than you might imagine and can be done in a single evening. The kit ships internationally, although primarily within Europe. You can get it for 19,90€ at, usually it is 34,90€ – both prices are a bargain compared to the alternatives.

Compatible devices

The repair kit is suitable for all of the widely used iPhones: iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5 as well as the iPad and iPod touch. We tested the kit on our iPhone 4s and it worked very well, in fact it is still holding up nicely after two weeks of intensive testing.

It is important to note that fluid-based repairs such as this kit only work with models that do not contain a Touch ID sensor. Thus it won’t work at all for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and later.

Diagnosing a Home Button defect

To ascertain whether a kit would be helpful in aiding your issue, you will need to diagnose your device according to a simple rule: If the problems occur intermittently, not permanently, you can fix them using this kit.

Intermittent issues may manifest themselves in the form of a non-responsive Home Button that works some of the time, but doesn’t respond a lot of the time.

Repairing the Home Button yourself

Make sure that the iPhone is placed somewhere away from direct sun exposure and is kept at room temperature. Turn off your iPhone completely by pressing and holding the Sleep / Wake button and “slide to power off”.

Now draw from the vial using the pipette contained in the kit, make sure to get all of the liquid content in there. Now fully empty the pipette onto the very center of the Home Button.

Then perform the following actions as quickly as possible:

  1. Press the Home Button 10 times (10x) using the other end of the pipette
  2. Press and Hold the Home Button for a minimum of 3 minutes with your thumb

After that, let the iPhone rest for at least 15 minutes and keep it turned off. Afterwards, you can switch it back on to try and see whether your issues are gone.

If the procedure failed to bring the desired results, don’t worry. You have two more tries, as the kit contains a set of three vials with the repair fluid. But, in order to achieve the best result, give your iPhone another 24 hours before you start a new attempt. If you need further information, we recommend checking out the manufacturer’s website.