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Safari on iPhone: Power User Tricks

Safari is arguably still the best browser on the iOS platform. If you would like to make most of the internet browsing activities on your iPhone, your best bet is to learn Safari’s ins and outs. For this purpose, we’ve compiled a range of tricks and tips that allow for efficient usage.

Using Safari on iPhone efficiently for fast browsing

1. To go back to the top of a page, double-tap the status bar. This will make the page scroll up all the way in one fast motion, instead of you having to swipe manually until you reach the top. This trick works with plenty of other apps and is not just constrained to Safari.

2. The same counts for the navigation bar. It will appear if you scroll up a little, but a more comfortable way would be to tap the very bottom of the touchscreen, just above the Home Button. This will bring up the navigation bar.

3. To save an image to your iPhone, press and hold it in Safari. This will bring up a context menu, within which you can select “Save Image” to store it on your photo library.

4. Safari allows you to view your most recent browser history in a hidden menu. Tap and hold the back button in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up a list of sites you have visited in inverse chronological order. The same goes for the forward button, which will show the opposite side of your browser history’s timeline.

5. Press and hold the bookmark button to quickly save a page as a bookmark or add it to your reading list without having to go through an additional dialog. Great time-saver! Read More…

6. You can shuffle the order of your tabs around by tapping and holding the tab title in the menu, then dragging and dropping it to the desired place in the order.

7. Closing a single tab can be accomplished by aiming your finger for the little cross in tab view, but a less ergonomically straining way to do it is to swipe a tab to the left. This will close the tab as well.

8. Closing a lot of tabs is a hassle in iOS, unless you know of this trick: Switch to private browsing mode and back. This will help you clear those tabs in one go.

9. To restore or recover a recently closed tab, press and hold the plus symbol in Safari’s tab view. You can now reopen it and continue browsing where you’ve left off. This is a life saving tip for those moments during which you close the wrong tab and don’t remember the web address.

10. Scroll all the way down in the tab view and you’ll be able to view Safari browser tabs which are opened on other devices connected to the same iCloud account. You can even close these tabs from your iPhone.

11. Requesting the desktop version of a site allows you to bypass design issues that plague the mobile counterpart. Tap and hold the refresh button in the top left of Safari’s interface. Then select “Request Desktop Site”. Same goes for “Reload Without Content Blockers”, which will display a website without filtering out the ads or other elements which your content blocker may be hiding. Read More…

12. You can easily search a website for specific words or phrases by tapping the “Share” button at the bottom and selecting “Find on Page”. The same results are also displayed when entering your query into the regular search bar at the top and then scrolling down. Read More…

13. Saving websites as a PDF backup is also possible through the sharing menu. Select “Save PDF to iBooks” from the top icon row, you might have to scroll to see this option.

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