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CrashSafari: Annoying iPhone Prank

If you want to prank your iPhone-using co-workers, fellow students, family and friends, then this guide is for you. An annoying iPhone prank that relies on a software bug in the Safari browser on iOS is currently making the rounds in the web. You might have already clicked a link that made your iPhone crash unexpectedly, how does that work? Here’s how to prank your friends by making their iPhones crash using the CrashSafari bug.

CrashSafari Prank

How to protect yourself

If you receive a link that points to “”, please do yourself a favor and don’t click it. Some of the time, you might not even notice that you are being directed to the site, as people employ link shorteners and other tricks to redirect you to the page causing the crash. Be wary of and links and such, which is generally a good practice.

How it works

The website runs JavaScript code and exploits a bug in the Safari browser, causing it to lock up or crash and may even cause your iPhone to crash as well. You could block JavaScript on a browser-wide level, but that would compromise most of the web experience. Most modern websites rely on JavaScript for their functionality and even for their layouts. To fix this type of problem, Apple will have to update the Safari app along with iOS in the near future.

Fortunately, the prank does not cause damage to the device or the operating system. It is simply annoying to the victim. To prank one of your friends, simply take the web address and put it into a URL shortener, such as the one supplied by Google. Then send this inconspicuous looking link to the victim. As soon as he or she will open it on their iPhone or iPad, the annoying crash should occur.

We recommend adding some additional text when sending the link over to the victim, such as “look what I’ve found, unbelievable!” or other persuasive titles.

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