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Important Apple Support Links for Help & Repair Scheduling

Here’s a guide on how to get help via Apple Support, book a repair for your Apple product or check if an Apple service is currently down for just you or everyone. Apple is known for providing stellar customer support and enjoys the highest ratings in customer satisfaction when it comes to consumer electronics. If you have ever needed to contact Apple Support, you might be aware of this fact. This article is a useful list of links that will help you with troubleshooting and get the quickest possible help should you encounter an issue with an Apple product such as the iPhone or any of the service, such as iCloud or Apple Music.

The most important links for getting support or information on repairs

We recommend adding this page to your bookmarks on the iPhone or your Mac browser, or both, so that you will have quick access to it should the need to get help ever arise. Apple products are quite reliable, even after several years. But one day you might need urgent help and this is where our list will be extremely useful!

Hint: Here’s how to create bookmarks in Safari! Read More…

Checking Apple’s system status

Apple System Status Website:

Strange errors such as being unable to sync your iCloud documents, or being unable to place FaceTime calls can have their root cause in an external place that is not located on your device. As modern technology is closely linked to the so-called “cloud”, in Apple’s case a network of servers called iCloud, many issues can simply be a temporary issue with their systems. This occurs multiple times a year and could be the reason why you e.g. can’t check your email or your iOS and Mac calendar is giving you trouble.

The Apple System Status Page displays a list of all currently active services. If there are any current issues, the problem will be indicated by a change in color of the green status icon. In addition, there is a list of currently known problems at the bottom of the page that shows you when the issue has occurred and if Apple has managed to fix it in the meantime.

View devices currently linked to your Apple ID

Your Apple Support Profile contains a list of devices that are currently linked to your Apple ID. To access it, visit the following web address in a browser and log into your Apple ID:

Adding nicknames to the devices on the list helps in keeping the list organized and avoid confusion. By clicking one of the products listed on this page, we can e.g. check if the support status allows for free repairs. This can be checked on the “Coverage Details” tab. You can also view a history of repairs (Repair Activity) and support requests (Case Activity) for the device.

Managing your Apple ID

Your Apple ID can be managed through the above webpage, which allows for changes in your connected email address, two-factor authentication, security questions and other details relevant to your account.

Contacting Apple Support directly

The quickest way of getting the right kind of support for your Apple product is to go through the dedicated support page. This page lists all kinds of Apple products and works as a simple assistant guiding you through the evaluation and contact process. Use the link above to solve issues with your device or for booking a repair or pickup.