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Tips To Fix iOS 9 WiFi Problems On Your iPhone

This is a troubleshooting guide on how to fix iPhone Wi-Fi problems and connectivity issues, such as your wireless connection dropping out intermittently, or perhaps being unable to connect to the internet at all. Our guide presents a list of solutions that may fix your Wi-Fi woes, unless they are being caused by hardware issues for which you need a repair. The following fixes are suitable for all versions of iOS.

Switch Wi-Fi off and back on

Control Center > Wi-Fi

Before you engage in any heavy-duty troubleshooting, remember that the most simple step can be the most fruitful. Often times, even severe Wi-Fi issues can be remitted by switching off Wi-Fi in the Control Center or “Settings” app.

Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to bring up the Control Center. Tap the Wi-Fi symbol to turn off the wireless radio. Then re-enable the Wi-Fi toggle by tapping the symbol again, perhaps while waiting for a few seconds in between. This will cause your iPhone to reconnect to the network and possibly fix any intermittent issues.

Reboot the iPhone

You can fully reboot your iPhone to make sure that none of the internal processes are stuck or causing your connectivity issues. To do this, simply press and hold both the Sleep / Wake Button and the Home Button until you see the Apple logo. Then let go of both buttons and wait until the “Slide to Unlock” screen appears. Now unlock your iPhone and check if your problem persists. Read More…

Update iOS

Settings > General > Software Update

Another quick and easy thing to check for, is to go into the “Settings” app, select the “General” section and tap “Software Update”. This will cause your iPhone to check for iOS updates. If one happens to be available, we suggest you install it right away.

Keeping your operating system up to date is extremely helpful for solving connectivity issues and definitely one of the steps you need to rule out before going into more complex problem solving.


Disable the “‘Wi-Fi Networking” service (mainly iOS 8)

Many users ran into trouble with iOS 8, when their Wi-Fi just wouldn’t work as it was supposed to. You might be reading this on a device that is still running this older version of iOS and may not be able to update just yet. In this case, we have a special fix just for you.

Go to your “Settings” app, select “Privacy” and then “Location Services”. Scroll down all the way, select “System Services” and scroll down once more until  you see “Wi-Fi Networking” and disable this entry. This could potentially fix your iPhone connection issues.

Reset your network settings

Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Resetting just the network portion of your system settings will often fix strange Wi-Fi and Mobile Data issues. It is worth to keep this step in mind when troubleshooting. Simply open up your “Settings” app, select “General”, then “Reset” and select the “Reset Network Settings” button. This will clear all of the stored Wi-Fi passwords, so remember to keep your password handy if you haven’t memorized it.

Change your DNS server

Settings > Wi-Fi > i

A DNS server has the purpose of name resolution on the internet, which means that it converts a domain name such as to an IP address consisting of numbers and dots. This is basically a system that allows for communication and works akin to a system of road signs and roads. If this system is somehow in chaos, of course you’ll notice it in the form of intermittent or permanent connection issues.

Go to your “Settings” app and tap “Wi-Fi”, then select the blue “i”-button next to your currently used network. Look for the entry titled “DNS” and jot down the currently filled in values, just to be safe.

Then add e.g. the Google DNS server, which is a free alternative to whatever server your ISP (internet service provider) is offering. Use the value or to try and see if it fixes your problem. You can also enter both of the values while separating them with a comma, if you prefer having both a primary and a secondary DNS for extra reliability.

Switch off Wi-Fi and Mobile Data (iOS 6)

If you are still on the classic, proven and trusted iOS 6, the method of switching off all wireless radios and turning them back on is also a handy fix for connection issues. Go to your “Settings” app and briefly enable “Airplane Mode” to temporarily disable all wireless connections, then switch it back off and your iPhone will reconnect, hopefully solving the issue.