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US Presidential Elections 2016: How to Stream Using iPhone

Are you into politics? This is a guide on how to follow along with the US Presidential Elections 2016 for free on your iPhone and stream live video using the BitTorrent protocol. The OTT News app is extremely helpful in getting the latest information about the running campaigns of the candidates, key primaries and political conventions.

Prerequisites: You will require iOS 8.0 and later to use the app we present in this article.

How to install the OTT News app on your iPhone

Go to the App Store on your iPhone, then tap the Search tab at the very bottom. Type in “OTT News” and install this great free app on your iPhone. The app only takes up around 4.5 MB and will barely have an impact on the remaining storage capacity of your iPhone.

What is the BitTorrent protocol?

Don’t worry, it is completely legal to use the BitTorrent protocol, despite what you might¬†have heard in the media. While freebooters and college kids use BitTorrent for piracy purposes, there are many completely legitimate reasons to make use of this awesome file sharing protocol that works on a peer-to-peer basis. The technology allows for decentralized architecture and takes the load off the network for everyone. It is far more efficient than traditional, centralized server systems.

Watch out for bandwidth caps

The concept entails that you and anyone watching the video will share his or her bandwidth with the other peers. This ensures great video quality and makes it so that the developers don’t have to pay humongous bandwidth bills, neither do you. We do recommend however, if you are on a bandwidth cap, to keep an eye on your usage.

Live streaming the US presidential elections 2016 on your iPhone

Open up the OTT News app on your iPhone by tapping its icon on your Home Screen. Then either allow or disallow notifications by the app according to your taste. When using the app while no events are currently live, it will display all sorts of highlights of past events, such as this talk by Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire:

As soon as a live event is on, the app will stream it to your iPhone. The completely free app allows you to view all of the important footage, as long as you have an internet connection.