Instagram Shortcuts: Like, Comment and Share

instagram-shortcuts-2Especially owners of an iPhone 6s or the iPhone 6s Plus will benefit from this tutorial, but older devices work as well. Instagram have updated their app with useful shortcuts which you can trigger via 3D Touch or gestures.

Prerequisites: You will need a recent version of Instagram, as always it is best to keep the app updated via the App Store or automatic app updates.

Instagram Shortcuts: Like, Comment and Share

Instagram > Explore/Profile

Open up Instagram on your iPhone and tap the Explore icon, which is shaped like a magnifying glass. Instead, you can also select the profile of one of your favorite accounts. Either way, what we are looking for is the grid view.

iPhone 6s and later

Press firmly on one of the thumbnails and swipe upwards. This will open up a large view of the image and three buttons for liking, viewing a profile and sharing the post as a message. Swipe down on the preview to close it.

This method works on any iPhone that comes with 3D Touch, such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

iPhone 6 and earlier

Tap and hold one of the image thumbnails in the grid until you see the preview opening up, then swipe upwards to fully open the preview and expose the three action buttons. Again, you can swipe down on the preview to quickly close it. This is a great way to quickly browse your feed without having to navigate a lot. Once you get used to it, you will find that it is probably the fastest way of using Instagram.

This method works on any older iPhone, typically lacking 3D Touch. Thus the app emulates the feature using gestures and timings.

how to preview an image on instagram

The three buttons

Tapping Like will mark the current post with a heart. You can remove the like by tapping the Unlike button in the same spot afterwards.

View Profile gets you to the profile view of the Instagram user who created the post you are currently viewing.

Send as Message allows you to send the current post to one of your contacts via a direct message on Instagram. Your favorite contacts will be displayed as a list, while you can also tap the search icon to look for additional recipients based on their username.