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How to Check Data Usage on iPhone: Ministats

Ever wanted to check your data usage on iPhone in an automatic and smart manner? While you can analyze and monitor the data volume your apps use by going to the native Settings app, other third-party solutions offer a bit more insight and automation. If you are on a data plan that has a certain bandwidth or traffic cap, keeping an eye on the mobile data usage certainly has its perks.

Prerequisites: iOS 8.2 or newer is required to follow along with this guide. If you are on an older version of iOS, we recommend installing an update via the Settings app, where you’ll tap General and select Software Updates from the menu.

Installing MiniStats

We recommend the currently free and great app MiniStats for checking your data usage on iOS, which is normally available for around a Dollar and worth every penny. MiniStats serves as a more sophisticated way of checking for data usage and how much of your data cap is left for this billing period. You can view the data on your iPhone, on the Apple Watch or as a widget.

Configuring MiniStats

Upon first launching the app, you will be greeted by a brief tutorial which introduces you to all of the features. A few key points need to be put into the assistant in order to properly configure the app to work with your data plan. Most importantly, you will have to set a data plan limit and the type of billing that is applied, such as monthly, weekly, daily or 30 day billing. This will align the data with your actual bandwidth budget.

The Start Date should correspond to the date on which your contract began. This way we can be sure that the app’s analysis will line up nicely.

For the initial setup, it might make sense to look up your already used up data volume and tap Add Data to set the counter correctly. This is probably not needed later on.

You can also set Mobile Data Alert Limits to be notified when your usage reaches a certain threshold, which can be configured to your liking. We think it’s sensible to set the sliders to 50, 70 and 90 percent of your data cap, this way you’ll always know when it’s probably best to slow down when you are browsing the web on the go.

How to monitor your mobile data usage

Once the MiniStats app is set up correctly, we can begin tracking and monitoring the data usage on your iPhone. Aside from the notifications, you’ll always be able to go and take a look at the stats for the current point in time. The bar chart on the left of the main screen displays the usage per day, while the center portion shows the remaining days until your data cap resets itself.

Further below you’ll find additional stats on your internal Storage space, the current Battery status and the amount of RAM that is currently free and occupied. A nice addition are the speed meters for your mobile and wireless download and upload streams.

Price: $1.99
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