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Facebook “Birthday Cam”: Record a Video Birthday Card

Instead of posting a rather robotic and generic “Happy Birthday!” to the wall of your friends, why don’t you try the new “Birthday Cam” feature on Facebook, which allows you to transmit video birthday wishes to your friends. This new way of congratulating makes things a lot more personal and warm than a quickly written text message. Brief videos with up to 15 seconds can be recorded and posted to the wall of your friends and are sure to cheer them up, regardless of their age. This is a tutorial on how to record a 15 second video birthday card for Facebook contacts using the new “Birthday Cam” feature.

How to use Facebook Birthday Cam

Make sure to update your Facebook app if you are planning to use this feature for personalized birthday wishes via video. You can update the app by going to the App Store and tapping Updates. By the way, if you prefer automatic app updates, you can enable them (or disable if undesired) in your iOS settings.

Hint: Facebook’s Birthday Cam has not yet fully rolled out to all users and might still need to deploy on your device. If you can’t see it with the most recent version of the app, you can only wait for a couple of days.

Wishing Facebook friends a happy birthday

To wish your Facebook friend, colleague or relative a happy birthday via Facebook, you will first have to navigate to his or her profile. This is probably most easily done via the search feature, by simply entering the name of the respective person. Once in the profile, tap the field that says “Write something…” to continue.

If the current date matches your contact’s birthday, you will be prompted to record a birthday video in a blue box above the iOS keyboard. Tap it, then tap the red recording button once you are happy with your framing, lighting and background. There are several ways of decorating a Facebook birthday greeting, which you can browse by swiping across the preview. The video will then be posted to your friend’s timeline as soon as you choose to publish it.

Important privacy note: The video’s privacy settings correspond to the timeline privacy settings of your contact, thus it might be possible that the video will be seen by the public, or his or her circle of friends.