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Facebook Reactions: Dislike, Love, Laugh or Hate Posts

The Facebook dislike button is here! Well, sort of. Facebook introduced a bunch of new ways to react to posts other than simply “liking” them. Several new so-called Facebook Reactions are now available to express a wider range of emotions. In total, you can now react with six different expressions that are visualized by four emoji and two icons. Here’s how to use the new¬†Facebook reactions to dislike, love or otherwise express a certain sentiment towards a post in your timeline.

Prerequisites: You need the latest Facebook app on your iPhone to use the new Facebook Reactions. If utilizing a browser, your account needs to be part of the staged rollout, which will probably have reached you by now.

How to use the new Facebook Reactions

You are probably used to “liking” a post on Facebook. This still works as it did before. To select one of the new reactions, press and hold the Like button on your iPhone while viewing a post. This will display the full range of emotions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry. Now slide your finger to one of them and let go. That is all there is to it!


Facebook dislike button still missing?

Facebook chose to not include a plain “dislike button”, probably in order to encourage a more nuanced response to postings. Negative emotions are divided amongst sadness and anger, which could both prove to be a sufficient alternative.

On a desktop browser, simply hover your mouse cursor over the Like button and keep it there for a moment. This will reveal the other options, which you can simply select through a regular left button mouse click.