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“Open this page in YouTube” – How to Avoid

In one of our recent guides, we introduced you to the benefits of using YouTube via Safari for unlimited background playback. While using YouTube from within the Safari browser, you may have noticed the nagging message “Open this page in YouTube?”. If you prefer to not be annoyed by this popup, we have a workaround in store for you. Unfortunately, the nag screen cannot be disabled fully. For now, there are two ways of avoiding the annoying popup when tapping YouTube links on the web or accessing the YouTube website from your Safari browser on iPhone.

Open this page in “YouTube”?

This nagging message appears when you tap a YouTube link on the web or enter directly into the address bar of your Safari browser. This presupposes that you have got the YouTube app installed on your device, otherwise the message should not appear. If you prefer to use Safari while browsing and would like to avoid swapping over to the app for some reason, we’ll have to employ one of two workarounds.

Ignore the message once

Tap cancel and re-enter the youtube web address you have previously visited. Reloading the page might not work, but since you’ve canceled the message now you should be able to navigate back to the address without issues.

A more durable workaround

The second method doesn’t work for tapping most links, although it is a far superior approach when you know that you’ll be browsing to the YouTube website directly from your browser. Simply enter the mobile YouTube URL into Safari instead of going to the main website:

By adding the “m.” in front of,¬†we will be directed to the mobile web client of YouTube instead of the main website. The redirection message towards the native app should not display at all on this page. You can also use this technique to convert any YouTube link or address to a mobile version.

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