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How to Disable Notifications for Individual Facebook Apps

Facebook games and apps are notorious for sucking dry your iPhone battery and getting on your nerves as they cause notifications to appear from time to time, which in turn switches on your display and consumes valuable energy – for no real reason at all. There is a way to disable the notifications for individual Facebook apps and games to regain your mobile peace of mind and gain some additional battery life. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

How to customize Facebook notifications on iPhone

More > Settings > Notifications > Notifications from apps

First of all, we will have to open up our Facebook app and tap More in the bottom right corner of the interface. Then select Settings and tap Account Settings. This will lead you to quite the impressive list of different options you can customize in your Facebook app.

Tap Notifications, then select Notifications from apps at the very bottom of this subsections. This will take you to a list containing all of the Facebook apps that are currently linked to your account. Untick or tick the individual entries as desired.

This will have an impact on what kind of notifications you get on your iPhone, so choose wisely. In general, most of these apps are not essential to your daily use and may be causing unnecessary notification spam.


How to disable notifications for all Facebook apps

You can also disable Facebook app & game notifications on a global scale. Go to More, Settings, Account Settings, Apps, Platform and select No in the dialog. Another way to save some additional battery life and regain your privacy – apart from quitting Facebook – is to use Facebook without the app and only through the Safari browser. Read More…