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Facebook Battery Drain: Top 7 Tricks & Fixes

One of the biggest battery hogs, the Facebook app, can be tweaked to increase your battery life and still use the most popular social network on your iPhone. Here are our top 7 tricks to fix Facebook battery drain as experienced on iOS. While the most effective solution would be to uninstall the app and access Facebook strictly through the Safari browser, we understand that alternatives are needed for people relying on the app’s features either professionally or privately. Check out the following hints to reduce Facebook’s ferocious consumption on your iPhone.

How to reduce Facebook battery drain (7 easy steps)

1. Disable location services and background app refresh

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook

Polling your current geographical location via the Location Services is useful to Facebook and its data-hungry business model and rarely useful to the actual user. If you prefer to share your location with a post, why not include it in text form? Disabling the following entry will lead to far better battery life and oftentimes a cooler iPhone:

Go to Settings, Privacy and Location Services. Then tap the Facebook entry and see if you can disable access to your GPS Location for the app.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh

Another one to keep in mind is the Background App Refresh, which you can disable in the General section of the Settings app. Simply locate the entry for Facebook and switch it off. This will disable the preloading of status updates and other content while the app is not in the foreground, which means that you will have to manually open it and check by yourself. The end result is a far better battery life and less mobile data consumption.

2. Disable autoplay for videos

Facebook > More > Settings > Account Settings > Videos and Photos > Autoplay

Quite a while ago, Facebook added the autoplay feature to videos in your feed/stream. Ever see those video clips scroll by while they are playing, but you are actually not even really paying attention to all of them? We can disable this app behavior by going to the More button, then Settings and Account Settings, then tap Videos and Photos and adjust the autoplay behavior. You might only want to preload and play videos automatically when at home and connected to a WiFi network, or even disable it completely (recommended) so that you will have to tap a video to play it.

3. Disable or adjust notifications

Settings > Notifications > Facebook

Go to your Settings app, select Notifications and then Facebook. If you turn off the Allow Notifications toggle in this area, Facebook will not be able to send you notifications and in turn wake up your screen every time it deems appropriate to do so. Waking up the screen eats up a lot of battery life due to the power requirements of the backlighting.

4. Reinstall the Facebook app

Press and hold the Facebook icon on your Home Screen until it begins to wiggle, then tap the little X symbol to uninstall it. Don’t worry, you will not lose any important data. Simply go back to the App Store afterwards and search for the Facebook app, then reinstall it. This can clear up some caches and in turn improve the energy efficiency of the app if it tends to get stuck in loops and cause a lot of heat to emerge from your iPhone’s processor.

5. Close the Facebook app when not used

Double-press the Home Button to bring up the App Switcher, then swipe up on the Facebook app to close it. You can then relaunch it and keep using it, or simply keep it closed while it is not being used. This can reduce the background activity of the app and in turn help preserve battery life.

6. Use Facebook in the Safari browser

A more drastic alternative: Resort to strictly using Facebook in the Safari browser and completely uninstall it from your iPhone in terms of the native app. We have posted a guide on how to use Facebook from Safari in the near past. You can easily save 15% of battery life by switching to this method of using Facebook while on mobile. Read More…

7. Use a different app for Facebook

There is also the option of using a different, third-party app to access Facebook. One that we can recommend is Friendly Social, as it also allows you to use multiple Facebook accounts and switch between them quite easily on a single device. All of the important features are available in this handy little Facebook app alternative. Read More…

Why does Facebook affect battery life so much?

Now that we have discussed all sorts of remedies for this very common issue, lets see why Facebook uses up so much battery power on iPhone and smartphones in general. The background is both marketing-related and technical: Facebook wants to keep you engaged as often as possible and thusly keeps up all sorts of connections to their servers so that status updates are delivered quickly to your device and preloaded, they analyze all sorts of usage patterns to more effectively market the user to the actual customers of the service: The advertisers. And there is of course the communication aspect, which is often preferred to run in real time and thus requires a certain amount of steady connectivity.