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How to Free Up Space on iPhone via iTunes Store Trick

Need a quick and easy method to free up space on iPhone without actually deleting anything of substance? A nifty little iTunes Store trick is all you need to lose a couple of hundred megabytes within a minute! Owners of 16 GB devices know what we’re talking about when even 300 MB are a godsend for taking pictures, downloading attachments or even adding a couple more music albums to your device. Here’s our latest trick for freeing up space on the iPhone, which will give you up to several gigabytes of free storage.

Firstly, check your free space on iPhone

Settings > General > Info

Go to your Settings app, then tap General and finally Info to view your
currently Available storage space on the iPhone. Make a mental note of the current value to compare it with the end result afterwards. You can expect this number to grow by 0.2, 0.3 or even several GB depending upon which iPhone you use and how you use it.

Now rent a movie that is far too big

iTunes Store > Films

Next up, we will be renting a movie. Don’t worry, your credit card won’t be charged as we will go for an impossible to store movie. Meaning that it should be bigger than the free space you have available on your device. Say you have 6 GB available, then make sure to try and rent a movie in the iTunes App that exceeds your free space by enough of a margin, such as 8 GB or more. Tap RENT when you have found such a movie and the iTunes Store app will then tell you that it couldn’t be downloaded due to a lack of free space. Your card will not be charged, as the transaction fails at this point.

Now re-check your free space on iPhone

Settings > General > Info

Return to the Settings app and go back to General > Info to check your current free space which is listed next to the Available entry in the list. The number should have increased noticeably. Congratulations! You have just freed up some space on your device without actually deleting any files. Our test device has gained a whopping 400 MB of additional free space.

You can repeat the trick for more free space

On most devices, this trick can be repeated for additional free space. Simply try and rent the same movie once more to get the error message, then check back in your Settings app to see whether you could still generate some more room. Some users however report that it need only be run once and additional tries yield no more space. Give it a try!

How does it work?

We can only assume what happens on the system part of the filesystem of a non-jailbroken device. Apparently, some of the system caches and their allocated space get cleared, perhaps even some of the swap space. In any case, nothing of substance is lost and all of your data stays in place when applying this trick.