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How to Lock Down Photo Sharing on Your iPhone

Do you want to prevent your underage kids from sharing photos on iPhone? Privacy concerns are growing more important every day, as kids gain access to social networks and all sorts of apps on their iDevices. Not allowing your kids to share photos can prevent all kinds of dangers and dilemmas. This is a guide on how to lock down photo sharing on iPhone for privacy and safety reasons.

Prohibit photo sharing on iOS

In order to restrict photo sharing on iPhone, we will have to set up some defaults in terms of child-proofing the operating system. We recommend our full guide for starters. Read More…

Settings > General > Restrictions

Grab your child’s iPhone and open up the Settings app, go to General and select Restrictions. If you are opening this section for the very first time, you will have t define a special four-digit passcode that will be used to secure the child-proof restriction features from tampering. Be sure to make a note of this code in case you need to adjust or remove the restrictions in the future.

Be sure to pick a code that differs from the regular passcode of the device or else it will be pointless and easy to guess.

Once the protective passcode for the restrictions feature is set up, enable the restrictions globally by tapping Enable Restrictions.

Scroll down to the Privacy section and select Photos from the list. This settings page governs which of the currently installed apps are allowed to access the photos stored on the iPhone and share them. Any newly installed apps will have to be approved in this very location, otherwise they will be blocked by default if no action is taken. Simply uncheck the toggle for each app you wish to restrict.

Then secure the settings by selecting Don’t allow changes.

Photos cannot be shared from iPhone

If you try to share a photo from any of the blocked apps to test the restriction, you will receive an error message that could look something like the image below. This means that the restriction is in place and is working.