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Top 10 iPhone SE Tricks & Tips You Need To Know

The iPhone SE is an excellent choice for fans of the true and tested 4-inch form factor who want to get the most out of their hard-earned cash: You essentially get the power of the iPhone 6s with many of its features in a smaller package for a relatively affordable price. As more and more users upgrade to the SE or even switch to the smaller model because they want to go back to one-handed usage, we’ve decided to compile a list of our top 10 iPhone SE tricks you need to know.

Storage tricks for the iPhone SE

Especially the smaller 16 GB devices need a little bit of storage management so that you can still use all of your apps and take plenty of pictures and videos, while not having to miss out on any content, music, games and app downloads. Try the following 3 iPhone SE storage tricks to max out your available storage space.

Disable the Live Photos feature

Live Photos are pretty cool. They turn a regular photo into a three second video clip through a smart algorithm that barely uses more storage capacity than a couple of images. When taking every photo as a live photo though, you will definitely notice the impact that has on your battery life and storage space. Therefore we recommend using the Live Photos feature only when intended and sparingly.

You can enable and disable it selectively by going into your Camera app and tapping the icon in the center of the button bar at the top of the screen. The icon will be yellow when active. Read more…

Reduce video quality for more video recording time

Shooting 4K video all of the time will lead to huge file sizes, while delivering the highest quality material. It is always a tradeoff and we suggest deciding accordingly, or simply sticking to 1080p with 60 frames per second when unsure. Go to Settings, select Photos & Camera and pick your desired quality in the Record Video section. Read More…

Use iCloud to unburden iPhone storage

When storing a lot of photos and shooting even more, your best bet is on moving to the iCloud photo library on the iPhone models with smaller storage options.

Go to Settings > iCloud > Photos and select iCloud Photo Library, then Optimize iPhone Storage to upload all of your photos to the iCloud while keeping smaller resolution versions on your device. This way, you can always download the bigger originals when needed and shoot more in turn. Read More…

General tricks for the iPhone SE

Aside from storage optimization, there are further tricks we’d like to share with you to make the most out of your iPhone SE and its awesome feature set.

Use Night Shift Mode for comfort

Like to read late at night, watch movies on your iPhone or play iOS games while in bed? Give Night Shift Mode a try. By adjusting the color temperature of your screen, the new feature is effectively reducing eye strain and even improving your sleep quality.

Blue light tends to mess with our sleep schedules and makes it harder to fall asleep when exposed to it during the late hours. Simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen and select the toggle button in the center of your Control Center. Read More…

Try an animated wallpaper

Get some individuality going by opening up your Settings app and selecting Wallpaper, then Choose a New Wallpaper and selecting one of the Dynamic wallpapers from the list. These dynamic wallpapers are fully animated.

Use the Retina Flash for selfies

When taking a selfie using the front-facing camera of your iPhone SE, consider using the new Retina Flash feature. The whole screen is used to fire a short burst of light that reaches three times the regular brightness of the display. Go to your Camera app and tap the Flash symbol to try it out!

Use “Hey Siri” without a charger

The hands-free “Hey Siri” feature used to be restricted to the iPhone 6s, but thanks to the new motion coprocessor that has been carried over to the iPhone SE, you can also use it while not having to plug in your iPhone into a wall outlet. Simply go to your Settings > General > Siri and enable Hey Siri from there. Read More…

Protect your notes using Touch ID

Privacy is important and so are your notes. Why not seal the sensitive ones with a virtual padlock? You can use Touch ID or a Passcode for this purpose. Tap the Share button in the top right corner and select Lock Note from the menu. Read More…

Try Apple Pay with your NFC chip

The iPhone SE contains an NFC chip, as opposed to all of the other 4-inch devices. You can therefore make full use of Apple Pay and conduct contactless payments with your iPhone SE.

Speed up Touch ID recognition by rescanning your finger

One of the few hardware drawbacks of the iPhone SE is that Apple decided to build in the 1st generation Touch ID sensor, which isn’t quite as fast as the newer models. There is a trick that allows you to speed up fingerprint recognition:

Simply register the same finger twice or more times in the Settings app by going to Touch ID & Passcode and tapping Add a Fingerprint to rescan your finger while telling the system that it is another one. This will make the fingerprint register a tad quicker in the system.