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How to Remove Instagram Geotag From Your Photos

When uploading images to Instagram, your current location or private address may have been revealed in the recent past. Without your consent. Especially when you had been uploading photos in the period before August 2015, as a software bug caused your GPS data or Geotag to be included regardless of your settings. Here’s how to remove an Instagram Geotag from your Instagram uploads after posting.

How to remove geotag information from Instagram uploads

While digital privacy is somewhat of a rare commodity in our modern times, we can sometimes reclaim it after the fact. This is one of these cases. Open up your Instagram app and select one of your uploads. If the photo contains a location beneath your username that reveals an address that you’d rather keep private, we can change this with a simple measure.

Tap the three dots on the top right which indicate a context menu button. Then select Edit from the context menu.

Now you can tap the Location field and select Remove Location to get rid of the geotag information. Then tap Done to confirm your changes.

The geolocation data is now invisible to the public eye and your followers. It will not be displayed with the photo nor on your Instagram account’s map. Now you won’t have to worry about pesky stalkers, advertisers or headhunters anymore.