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Snapchat Chat Features You Need to Know

Exchanging so-called “snaps” on SnapChat is the favorite pastime of teenagers across the globe and has replaced the countless hours spent on Tumblr and perhaps even Instagram. The company behind the app has now introduced a few new features to the chat part of the application which we would like to show you in today’s tutorial. Here’s how to use all of the new chat features in Snapchat.

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Share your location using Snapchat

If you have your Location Services enabled and type a specific street address into a Snapchat text chat conversation, it will be converted into a map preview automatically. You and the recipient can then open the map in Apple Maps or Google Maps, as well as copy the address in text form for further use.

Search stickers for keywords and tags

There is a huge abundance of stickers and emoji in Snapchat’s text-based chat and it can be kind of hard to find a fitting one in this list.

But there’s an easy trick: Type a keyword into the chat text field and then tap the emoji icon afterwards. It will automatically output the most fitting emoji for your keyword, such as “angry” or “happy” or whatever you are looking for. The emoji will be sorted by relevancy.

View links in the Snapchat browser

Snapchat has an integrated browser and will convert links into preview snippets automatically when pasted into the chat. You can tap them and view them inline, directly within the app. Swipe down or tap the down-arrow to close the integrated browser.

Send more than one photo or video in Snapchat

You can transfer multiple photos or videos via Snapchat, directly from your iPhone’s camera roll. Tap the image button below the text entry field, then select one of the photos you would like to send. Last but not least, select any other photo or video to batch them together for sending. The photos will be neatly displayed in a single¬†row.

Find out if your contacts are online / active

When in a text conversation with one of your contacts, you can check whether he or she is currently viewing the same chat by looking for a yellow smiley emoji right above the text entry field. This signifies that the other party is currently also viewing the chat. If there is no such emoji, you are alone in the current chat conversation.

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