How to Disable YouTube Autoplay on Your iPhone

Hate it or love it: The official YouTube app includes an “Autoplay” feature that is turned on by default. When enabled, the feature will continue playback with a set of next videos that may or may not be related to what you are currently viewing. Another annoying aspect of this kind of functionality is the increased mobile data usage. Many users prefer to hand-pick the videos they would like to view and don’t enjoy leaving everything up to YouTube’s recommendation algorithms or user-created playlists. Here’s how to disable YouTube’s autoplay feature on iPhone.

Prerequisites: To follow along with this guide, make sure to use the YouTube app version 11.17 or later. Earlier versions of the app do not support switching off the Autoplay feature. When unsure, simply go to your App Store app and tap the Updates tab, then install any available app updates.

How to disable “Autoplay” in the YouTube app

Open up the official YouTube app on your iPhone, then play any video. When keeping the iPhone upright in the portrait orientation, you’ll notice that there is a switch beneath the video title, channel name and subscribe button. Tap the toggle button to switch off Autoplay or turn it back on again.

When blue, the switch is set to active and the app will automatically play a video from the Up next list on the bottom. When white, the Autoplay functionality is disabled.

When you disable Autoplay on your iPhone, the YouTube app will not play any additional videos unless you expressly choose to do so. Once the toggle is disabled on one video, it will affect your global preference and the setting will stick to other videos as well.

By the way, playlists are exempt from your choice in this matter, which is a good and practical choice by YouTube. Playing a video from a playlist will still play the next clips in sequence and without you having to skip to the next one.