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How to Install Whatsapp for Mac of PC

WhatsApp released an official desktop client for its popular messenger, which was acquired by Facebook in late 2014. The company has now fulfilled the request of a “WhatsApp for PC” client, as we’ve reported recently. It allows you to send and receive messages as well as media on a desktop computer running Windows or Mac OS X. The app is a natively implemented client that uses the WhatsApp Web feature under the hood, which comes with some drawbacks but overall pretty good performance. WhatsApp on PC & Mac: How does it work? Here’s a guide on how to install, set up and use the new official desktop client for WhatsApp.

Prerequisites: To use WhatsApp for PC or Mac, you’ll need one of the following operating systems installed on your desktop computer or notebook:

  • Windows 8 or newer
  • Mac OS X 10.9 or newer

Download WhatsApp for free (Desktop Client)

To get a hold of the new desktop client for WhatsApp on Windows/Mac, go to the following link with the help of your desktop browser (not your iPhone!):

Click the green download button on the website. The correct version for your operating system will be determined automatically. Then double-click the installer in your download folder. On the Mac, unzipping the downloaded archive and then double-clicking the .app file is enough. WhatsApp will then ask you whether you’d like to move the app to your main Applications folder, which is a good idea.

How to set up WhatsApp on a PC

The new WhatsApp Desktop app is not a full replacement for the iOS and Android clients, but merely an extension of what you can do with your phone. Your iPhone has to be powered on and connected to the same network as the computer you are using at all times.

After installing the app, we’ll connect our iPhone with the app by scanning a special QR code for authentication purposes when first launching the application. You can tick a box to stay signed in for later launches of the app.

You can now take your iPhone, launch WhatsApp and go to the Settings tab. Then select the WhatsApp Web option from the list. Your iPhone’s camera should take over, now simply point it at the QR Code on your screen to scan it. This is all it takes to establish the link between the desktop app and the iPhone.

Using WhatsApp on PC

Once paired, you can use the WhatsApp desktop client on your Mac or PC to chat, create groups, edit your profile and status message or send voice messages, photos and videos directly from your PC or Mac. Same goes for your webcam, which should also be available to the app.

The Settings panel provides a range of options for the very useful desktop notifications, which you can reduce to simple notifications without a preview or just mere sounds, or use a combination of all of the options.

Using WhatsApp on iPad

By making use of the WhatsApp Web technology, you can also use WhatsApp on your iPad and enjoy a better keyboard while texting on the road. Check out our tutorial on the matter to find out how that works. Read More…