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MailTime: Send and Receive Email Like Instant Messages

MailTime is an unconventional email client you can get in the iTunes App Store: It enables you to use email like instant messaging. In MailTime, threaded conversations become essentially identical to the experience of texting. If you prefer a quick back-and-forth to a long and detailed exchange and like to fire back your questions at contacts, this is probably the ideal email client for you.

Download & install MailTime app

As long as you limit yourself to a maximum of 2 different email accounts, MailTime is completely free to use. If you device to purchase the pro version for $2.99, additional accounts can be added. To download and install MailTime, go to your App Store app and search for the app’s title. Then tap to download.

Adding accounts to MailTime

Upon the first launch of the app, tap Login at the bottom right and and select your email provider from the list. The most popular ones are available as shortcuts, but you can also add a custom provider if you have the server details at hand. Google, iCloud, Outlook, Yahoo and AOL are all available for easy setup. Enter your email address and your password to log into the account.

After the initial setup, a brief tutorial will be displayed and you’ll get to know the interface. You can also swipe the tutorial side if needed and launch the main MailTime app right away. Continue by adding your other account, or simply tap Done.

First steps in MailTime

There are three tabs in the main view of the app. The inbox view, the messaging view and your contacts. The smart inbox prioritizes your emails and is comparable to modern mail clients, while the messaging view is text-messaging reincarnated as email. We will discuss all of the different modes in detail now.

The traditional inbox view

When tapping the first icon of the three, we arrive at a traditional inbox view which is reminiscent of the default Mail app or other classic email clients for mobile devices. This view is fully usable in the MailTime app and especially useful for getting a quick overview.

The message bubble view

The message bubble view is the actual selling point of the app. In here, we can view emails like instant message conversations and exchange quick replies as if texting or using iMessage and WhatsApp. Mails in here are grouped the same way a conversation thread in a messenger would be grouped.

When selecting a conversation, this becomes particularly obvious. Your messages are displayed in blue and on the right hand side, while your contact’s message bubbles are left-aligned. Both of your emails are displayed in a threaded, flat format without any other metadata apart from the time the message was sent. You can even attach files, reply to all or forward messages as you would with a traditional email client.

Your contacts in MailTime

Last but not least, you can view all of your contacts – based on who you’ve emailed with – in the contact view. It is easy to select specific people from this list to continue a conversation or start a fresh one.


MailTime is a cool little client that allows you to experience email differently and in an exciting format that is attuned to one of our most common habits when using a mobile phone: Texting and instant messaging. Give the free version a try, as it is devoid of ads and enables you to fully experience the app and all of its features.

MailTime Email Messenger
MailTime Email Messenger
Developer: MailTime
Price: Free+
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  • MailTime Email Messenger Screenshot
  • MailTime Email Messenger Screenshot
  • MailTime Email Messenger Screenshot